Breakfast Club Parenting

A few nights ago I was working at night and had the television on in the background where they were showing a string of 80s brat-pack movies. If you’re a prime parent, then you grew up in the age of John Hughes movies, complete with Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Ally Sheedy, Matthew

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Good Cop, Bad Cop Parenting

In some households, one parent is the “nice” one while the other is the “disciplinarian.” Children, of course, tend to prefer the nicer parent. The other parent – the “bad” cop – is often resentful. This parent knows that children need boundaries, limits and guidance and wants to do the best for his or her

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How to Discipline without Anger

Parents frequently feel angry at their kids – especially when those kids engage in behavior that is destructive, dangerous, mean, foolish, messy, illegal, immoral, thoughtless, selfish and otherwise… childish.  But given that unrestrained displays of anger can traumatize children, parents have to learn how to discipline without rage, upset or even irritation. While anger is

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Premature Babies

The birth of a premature baby can bring mixed emotions: the joy of the newborn’s arrival and the worry over health issues. Sometimes, when the premature birth is completely unexpected, there is also a feeling of shock and panic. Will the baby survive? Will she be alright? Indeed, some premature babies literally have to fight

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Wakes Up Too Frequently

Like adults, children can wake up in the night.  They may do so for any number of reasons, depending on their age, health and unique characteristics. However, when a child awakens in the night, other members of the household may be disturbed (i.e. siblings sleeping nearby or parents in their own room). If nighttime awakenings

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Help Your Child Manage Anger

Anger is one of the most destructive emotions; people who have difficulty managing their anger can end up hurting others and themselves. As adults, they can destroy their most important relationships – those with spouses and children. Parents can help their kids have lifelong satisfying relationships by helping them to find healthy ways to deal

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Time for Children After Divorce

Visitation arrangements don’t always give kids the opportunity to see each parent 50% of the time. Practical considerations often make equal division of visitation impossible. For instance, in some cases, one parent works longer hours than the other. Or, one parent lives in a different state or country and the child must attend school for

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Parenting After Divorce

Mothers and fathers often disagree on matters pertaining to parenting. It happens when the parents are operating within the context of an intact family home and it also happens when parents have gone their separate ways through separation or divorce. However, unlike their married counterparts, divorced couples lack the trust and friendliness that is  at the

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DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

All too often, Halloween is viewed as a holiday engineered to rob our families of their most recent paychecks through overpriced, poorly made costumes—and all for an evening that ends in a sugar-fueled meltdown. But, while the sugar-induced coma is nearly unavoidable, you can prevent the depletion of your savings by getting creative with your

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Ode to StepMoms

Mother’s Day is a wonderful day designed to celebrate the gift of mom. Yet it can often leave the “bonus” mom feeling less than celebrated. Stepmoms play a special role in the lives of their stepchildren and, while many will not be recognized this Mother’s Day, their impact on the lives of their stepchildren will

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