Recently, a California high school uncovered a shocking secret–a “fantasy slut league” similar to a fantasy football league … except using real high school girls to “draft” into sexual escapades for points.

Piedmont High School in Piedmont, Calif., alerted parents via a letter at the end of October that they had uncovered the league where mostly male varsity players were participating with the female students in the high school.

According to reports, many knew about the league and participated willingly, or were forced to participate through peer pressure. Unfortunately, some of the females didn’t even know about the league and that the males were performing sex acts with them for “points.”

Teen Sex Games

When I was a high schooler (you know, back in the stone ages), we played “spin the bottle” at parties that involved kissing in a closet. And we thought that was exciting. Now, teen sex games have gone to a whole new (scary) level.

Check it out:

Teen Group Sex Parties

Yep. This is exactly what you think.

According to a study from Boston University School of Public health, one in 13 girls, from ages 14 to 20, have engaged in “multi-person sex” (MPS) or group sex. Unfortunately, a high percentage of young women reported that they were forced into the situation. This is called rape. Talk to your kids about it now.

Rainbow Parties

Rainbow Parties are all about kids and oral sex. The game involves the females of the party wearing different colors of lipstick, giving the males oral sex and then leaving rings (or a “rainbow”) around the penis.

Snap Bracelet Game

This is actually a popular game from a few years ago, but it’s still good to be aware of it.

You know those cute, innocent-looking rubberized bracelets kids wear? Well a few years ago teens and tweens created a sexual game out of them. In this game, one person tries to “snap” (or break) a bracelet off of the person wearing it. Depending on the color, the person snapping off the bracelet gets something from the person wearing it. All the colors have different meanings (from as innocent as a hug to as advanced as lap dances, oral sex and different sexual positions).

Smash or Pass Online Game

We recently told you about this popular Facebook game where teens rate each other on whether they would “smash” (have sex with) or pass (not have sex with) someone posting their picture. It’s not clear whether it’s leading to real sex, but it is objectifying people and some teens are finding their pictures on these sites even when they didn’t post it themselves.

Teens Trading Sex

Although not really a “game,” there are reports surfacing of kids regularly trading sexual favors for things–money, drugs … even popularity. We should be quick to tell our tweens and teens that this is really known as prostitution.

Talk to Your Kids About Sex

After you’ve scrubbed your eyes with bleach now that you’ve read about these teen trends, know that you must talk to your kids about sex. TODAY.

Yes, it sucks to talk to your tweens and teens about anal sex and blow jobs, but it’s happening–whether you want to address it or not.

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