In Austin, the majority of the population is white with the African Americans being the second largest and other communities like Asians, Native Americans, and other races being present in small numbers. The city is considered to be one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas of the country and also holds the honor of being one of the safest cities in America.

Since Austin has an eclectic population which has representatives of many ethnic races of the world, it is home to various events, some of which are mentioned as follows:

The Eeyore’s Birthday Party is celebrated every spring and features many games and activities for children like face painting, contests, and entertainment programs spread over the weekend. This event is particularly renowned for the drum circle in which everyone starts beating the drum at the commencement of the party and continues with the noisy activity right till the end when it is time to go home.

The Zilker Kite Festival is an annual outdoor event in which there are more than 200 contestants flying their own unique kites and vying for the first place. Prizes are given out for the most unusual kite, the biggest kite, the smallest kite, and the strongest pulling kite.

The Old Pecan Street Fall Festival is a weekend festival held in the spring and in the fall and features art and craft items of hand made gifts, jewelry, food and traditional artifacts made by more than 300 artisans from all over the country. Entertainment is provided in the form of live performances and there is a special carnival for kids.

The Cinco de Mayo is held to commemorate the Independence Day of Mexico and is a huge fiesta marked with the sounds of the conjunto and the mariachi. The main attractions are the live performance given by the Ballet East Dance Troupe, rides and games for children and delicious Mexican food offered by the restaurants on that day.

The Austin City Limits Music Festival is one of the biggest music festivals in the country which has had the honor of hosting international performers like Coldplay, Oasis and The Allman Brothers Band along with the local and national talent. The additional attractions are the SoCa Art Market for art lovers and an expansive food court for the food lovers.

The Austin Reggae Festival is an annual festival held in April and is organized by the Capital Area Food Bank for the benefit of the hungry and the needy families in Texas. In addition to featuring concerts by the world-renowned reggae artists like Dr. Alban and Lady Saw the festival also gives an opportunity to the local and upcoming reggae artists to showcase their talent.

The Austin Woman’s Film, Music & Literary Festival started in 1994 with the intention of encouraging women in the fields of music, literature, and art and involves screenings, workshops, and parties related to the subject.

The Armadillo Christmas Bazaar is likened to the Saks Fifth Avenue because it features really expensive arts and crafts which one can forage while sipping drinks and dancing to some live music played by the live bands. This event was introduced in 1936 and has since featured thousands of artists with participation being close to 150 artists per year.

The Austin Celtic Festival is sponsored by the Austin Celtic Association and features Celtic music and dance over a period of two days. This festival promises entertainment for the entire family as it features Celtic performers from all over the world.

The Texas Hill Country Wine & Food Festival is a treat for food and wine lovers because it features gourmets and chefs who are experts in their fields and who provide important tips as to the recipe for a perfect soup and the music which complements the wine.