Versaclimber vs Maxi Climber

Battle of the Climber Machines: Maxiclimber vs Versaclimber Let’s be honest, a lot of exercise machines out there can be both bulky and expensive. This is why vertical climbers are becoming such a sought-after piece of home fitness equipment. Not only do they take up less space in your home, but are very effective and more […]

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Martial Arts for Fitness

If you ever need to relieve some stress after a frustrating day of work, why not try martial arts? It is a great way to get in shape and offers a high intensity workout that activates your body on a different level. What’s more, is you’re also learning some valuable self-defense moves in case you

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Safety for Over 60s fitness

Safety First for Seniors Fitness With 70% of people over 60 in the US not doing enough exercise many are not so much growing old gracefully as growing old unhealthily. However, with exercise combating many of the physical signs of ageing, promoting longevity and lowering risks for many diseases, what’s not to love about keeping

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Get a Great Gym Buddy

Do You Have a workout partner? That’s not a friend at the gym or a friend that goes to the gym but your very own in-house coach, confident and all-round fitness coaxer? Having a great gym buddy can make all the difference, not only to how enjoyable your workout time is, but also how effective

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Benefits of Hot Yoga

You’ve likely heard of hot yoga. And if you’re like any sane individual, the idea of performing yoga in a room heated to 105 degrees may not sound all that appealing. So why do people do it? Well, there are quite a few benefits to this relatively new yoga practice. Here are a few of

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Beginner Yoga Inversions

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve looked at the power of inversions in yoga, whereby poses put your head below your heart. Though great core strengthening movements, inversions can be incredibly strenuous and are often a real challenge to the novice yogini, that’s why our Kaia girls love them so much! However, even if

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The Benefits of Pilates

Pilates focuses on developing strength, flexibility, and body awareness. Pilates is not focused on building muscles but rather on overall physical wellbeing. Its creator, Joseph Pilates, wanted a form of exercise that linked mental and physical health, and developed a form of exercise that trained the whole body. Pilates is now practiced by millions of

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The Power of Pilates for Abs

A flat stomach is a dream for many, yet there are exercise routines that you can realistically do to help build sculpted six-pack abs. Pilates on the other hand focuses on the development of flexibility, strength, and posture. The focus of this form of exercise is on improving the whole body and boosting concentration. Pilates

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Exercises for menopausal women

Hot flashes, anxiety, depression. These are some of the symptoms of menopause. When you’re experiencing them on a daily basis, it can feel totally overwhelming, and many women find it difficult to cope. So what can you do? While it may sound surprising, exercise can really help. In fact, most experts recommend daily exercise as

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Origins of Crossfit

CrossFit is one of the biggest booming fitness trends of recent years. It is something of a phenomenal success in terms of how it has promoted the idea of whole body functional fitness. But how did it come about, where did it come from and who is behind it? What is the history of this

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Don’t be afraid of yoga!

Perhaps because of the images of pretzel-shaped poses or the connection with more mindful inner workings, yoga, despite its massive popularity, can intimidate many would-be beneficiaries. If you are afraid of yoga then it is probably because you don’t understand what it is about and just how fantastic it is! What do you think of

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How to Choose Austin Gym

How to Choose a Gym in Austin

Austin Gym Choices Use this guide to help in deciding what type of gym, fitness health club, or women’s fitness program is right for you. Before you begin comparing and contrasting various fitness gyms, decide what activities, gym equipment, and added extras are important to you in a health club. Gym Memberships Fitness health clubs

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Pilates Workout Basics

Core Strength, Muscle Tone, Flexibility and a Flat Tummy Pilates is now one of the most popular exercise workouts around and many Hollywood stars rave about it. The reason is simple: Pilates works. Pilates lengthens the spine, strengthens the core, builds muscle tone, increases body awareness and flexibility. Many Pilates exercises derive from yoga, gymnastics,

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pilates beginners

How to Begin A Pilates Program

Gain Confidence to Join Pilates Mat Classes or Reformer Classes Even seasoned exercisers can find Pilates an intimidating sport at first. However, anyone can learn the necessary skills to enjoy an effective Pilates workout. The nuances of Pilates can be difficult to understand and employ during initial workouts. This can lead to performing exercises incorrectly,

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Mat Pilates

Correct Execution for Mat Pilates

Pilates offers many benefits when it is executed correctly and engages the correct principles. There are six principles that help an individual receive the maximum amount of benefits from Pilates done on a mat, according to Jennifer Pohlman, author of “Simply Pilates.” Pilates Principles The first basic principle of Pilates is concentration. Concentration is important

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Principles of Pilates

Eight Principles of Pilates

Mind and Body Meets Core Stability Understanding the principles is fundamental to any Pilates workout and is the difference between getting the most out of your routine and just doing a series of exercises. A Pilates workout revolves around the eight principles of control, breath, flowing movement, precision, centering, stability, range of motion, and opposition.

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pilates aerobics

Pilates & Aerobics

Adding Cardio to a Pilates Workout Aerobic exercise is essential to any fitness regime but Pilates does not generally give an aerobic workout until you reach an advanced level. Twenty to thirty minutes of aerobic exercise a week is the recommended minimum. Aerobic exercise is any exercise that increases heart rate and breathing rate for

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Why Work Out at 5:45 AM?

Why Exactly do I Work Out at 5:45 AM? I can tell you upfront it is not because I am a “morning person”. Actually, the majority of my life I was a “late-night” person who was still awake after most people had long since fallen asleep. I think I am still in denial that I

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Make Your Gym Workout Plan

It’s easy to decide to have a regular workout schedule, but in order to achieve real results that you desire, you need to create the right gym workout plan. One thing you should understand about creating a great workout plan is that there is no such thing as a perfect workout plan that works for

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Workout Programs for Men

When it comes to finding workout programs, especially free ones, women seem to be luckier than men. There are so many free workout tutorials available from real trainers, whether in fitness blogs or in video streaming websites. While if you’re looking for workout programs for men, mostly you will only find some pricey P90X type

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Big Muscle Workout Programs for Men

Best  Men’s Workout Programs Ассоrdіng tо thе Νаtіоnаl Іnstіtutе fоr Dіаbеtеs аnd Dіgеstіvе аnd Κіdnеу Dіsеаsеs (ΝІDDΚ) 1 іn 3 аdults (оvеr thе аgе оf 20) іn thе UЅ аrе соnsіdеrеd оbеsе․ Тhеу rаtе реорlе wіth а bоdу mаss іndех (ВМІ) оf 30+ аs оbеsе․ Тhіs саn оссur іn а реrsоn whо іs оnlу 10-15% оvеrwеіght․

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Fastest Way to Build Muscle

If you want to be healthy, you need to exercise. Read about exercise variations and techniques. Follow the given rules and techniques, and learn about the Fastest Way to Build Muscle. If you want to gain muscle quickly, there are a few ways to build muscle. Follow the best ways to build up your body

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