Versaclimber vs Maxi Climber

Battle of the Climber Machines: Maxiclimber vs Versaclimber

Let’s be honest, a lot of exercise machines out there can be both bulky and expensive.

This is why vertical climbers are becoming such a sought-after piece of home fitness equipment. Not only do they take up less space in your home, but are very effective and more affordable.

This is why I am choosing to write this Maxi Climber vs Versaclimber review today. Both machines are considered very popular when it comes to vertical climber machines.

But the question you really want to be answered is…

Which exercise machine will not only get you the results you desire but will get it to you at an affordable cost?

Maxi Climber vs Versaclimber Comparison


Maxi Climber

  • Ergonomically designed for all body types
  • Adjustable height features
  • Isometric non-stick grips
  • Workout timer that starts and stops when you do
  • Compact folding design for easy storage

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  • Adjustable Module Display for easy-to-read stats
  • Coated Cable for Silent Operation
  • Side Hand Rails for use as a Stepper
  • Adjustable Hand Grip Settings for Comfort and Safety
  • Adjustable Foot Pedals

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Which Has The Better Design?

Maxi Climber

With the maxi climber, you’re getting a durable steel frame machine that is light enough to move around the house if necessary.

There are also 5 adjustable height settings, along with isometric grips for added security.

Maxi Climber
Garage Gym Area – HFC 2in1 Treadmill and Maxi Climber by charlesng88

The maxi climber exercise machine is ergonomically designed to fit all body types, but be aware that there is a 240 lbs weight limit.

Not to say that going over it would damage the machine, but safety should always be a priority when working out.


Made with an aluminum steel frame, just by looking at the Versaclimber, you can tell it’s a very solid machine.

Their removable handlebars allow for easy adjustment of height settings. The weight limit for this machine is also 350 pounds.

Versaclimber by istolethetv

What also makes Versaclimbersuch a desired machine is its handrails that really puts the mind at ease when it comes to safety.

Along with their wide base pedals, you can exercise knowing you are safe and secure.

Advantage: Versaclimber

Which Machine Has A Better Stat Tracker?

Maxi Climber

Tracking your progress is crucial when it comes to getting results, and unfortunately, the maxi climber lacks in this department.

Their very basic stat tracker design doesn’t provide much motivation when it comes to tracking stats.

They have a personal timer that starts and stops when you do and also counts steps and calories.

Many have also complained about not being able to see the display unit while exercising, so this is something you want to be aware of when deciding.


Compared to the maxi climber, the Versaclimberoffers many features you would expect to see in exercise machines at your local gym.

Features that include, heart rate monitor, workout time, distance traveled, calorie burn rate and many more.

The display units is clear to see and are very up-to-date in terms of design.

This is a very cool feature for anyone that loves the technology aspect of exercise machines.

Edge goes to: Versaclimber

Which Is More Effective For Weight Loss?

Maxi Climber

The maxi climber is great for anyone just getting into their fitness routine, or someone that is just looking to maintain current fitness levels. There have been many who consider themselves beginners that have struggled to last just 10 minutes on it.

So should you worry?

Not at all since you control the pace of the workout. The goal is always to push yourself, but fitness is all about progression. And the maxi climber allows you do just that by controlling how fast or slow you decide to go.

Also, if you are someone that struggles with any joint pain, the maxi climber adds no additional stress. Although it was made to mimic rock climbing, you don’t have to endure the stress that goes along with it.

It would have been nice if you could add more resistance as you may find yourself getting stronger. But you can always add resistance using weighted vests or ankle weights.

Regardless, you should still find yourself getting a pretty good burn with this machine, as you can burn up to 500 calories in an hour. You will be getting a total body workout which is considered a very efficient way to burn fat.


As mentioned earlier, tracking stats is key to maximizing your results. And with its display unit, you are able to view all kinds of stats which is key to having an effective workout.

Like its competitor, it would have been nice to see it have the option to increase resistance, especially considering its heavy price tag.

Nonetheless, you should still expect to get a pretty good total body workout with the Versaclimber. And being able to track your progress is also an added benefit.

Edge goes to: Tie

Which Machine is Easier To Store?

Maxi Climber

The maxi climber measures 54 x 10 x 6 and 33 pounds. So unlike other exercise equipment, you should have very little issue moving it around the house. You will however need ceiling space of about 8 feet to use it.

The machine comes pre-assembled, so no worrying about spending hours trying to put it together.

With its easy-fold system, you can store it in places like your closet or under your bed for added space. This makes it easy to put away after an intense workout.


Although the versaclimber measures 36 x 44 inches, it comes in at a weight of 86 pounds. Compared to the maxi climber, this would make moving it around a little bit more difficult.

However, it also folds which can make storing it a very simple process. But as you can see with the added weight, this is something to be aware of depending on your strength level.

Edge goes to: Maxi Climber

Which One Is Easier on Your Wallet?

Maxi Climber

Unlike most bulky exercise equipment, the maxi climber comes at a very affordable price. If you are a beginner to an intermediate exerciser, then you will find this price easy on the pockets compared to other machines.

There is also a 1-year warranty that comes with your purchase of the machine.


It’s clear when looking at the versaclimber that it has many features to enjoy while you work out. But with those features comes a pretty substantial price tag. Which makes sense for an exercise machine of this quality.

But in terms of value, there are many other exercise machines that can offer a lot more with that price. So this is definitely something to consider when it comes to the versaclimber.

Edge goes to: Maxi Climber

How Other Users Feel about Both Machines

Maxi Climber

If my words aren’t considered proof enough, amazon has almost 1900 reviews and almost 60% of those reviews are 5 stars. That is a tremendous amount of praise for a machine that many consider very basic.

But when you’re talking about value, customers see great value in the maxi climber, especially since you are able to still get great results from it. Which is the most important aspect of deciding on a particular exercise machine.


You would think that a machine of this quality wouldn’t be hard to find reviews on, but even in a place like Amazon, there are none to be found. In fact, as of today, they no longer have the product available to buy.

Edge goes to Maxi Climber

Benefits of Using Climber Machines

When it comes to looking for a good exercise machine for the home, it’s all about getting results. You also want to make sure that whichever machine you decide to get, will motivate you to use it daily rather than collect dust in your basement.

When working out on an exercise machine, the purpose is to have the body mimic a particular motion all in the comfort of your home.

Whether you are someone that likes to run or go for a bike ride, when you decide to get an exercise machine, you want something that mimics these movements.

What makes vertical climber machines so unique is how they mimic someone that is rock climbing.  Giving you a full-body workout, thus helping you burn more calories.

Not only that, unlike the treadmill, vertical climber machines put no added stress on the joints. But what separates one vertical machine from the other?  We will discuss this below.

Maxi Climber: Quick Review

When it comes to vertical climber machines, it’s hard to argue that the maxi climber isn’t the big player in the game.

With its durable steel frame and easy-to-monitor tracking system, you can enjoy your workout safely.

Unlike other exercise machines, the maxi climber is known for its quietness while you work out.

If you are someone that likes to work out in the morning, then you know how important it is not to interrupt others that may be sleeping.

You also don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space as you can easily fit it into most closets in the home.


5 adjustable height settings – we can all agree that when it comes to working out with machines, being comfortable is not only important for getting results but most importantly safety.  The great thing about the maxi climber is regardless of your height, the maxi climber is able to adjust to whatever your height is.

90% pre-assembled on delivery – there’s nothing worse than trying to figure out how to put something together.  Even with directions, it can be a very daunting task.  The maxi climber is very easy to assemble as most of the assembling is done for you.  Therefore all you have to worry about is getting ready for an amazing workout.

Lightweight and Durable – what makes purchasing any exercise machine annoying is having to deal with moving it around.  The way the maxi climber is designed, it allows you to easily move it anywhere you feel like working out.  Also with its durable steel frame, you don’t have to worry about it breaking down with every use.


Weight limit – there is a 240 lbs weight limit when it comes to exercising on the maxi climber machine. Anything above that weight and you would need to be concerned about safety.  So before deciding to purchase this machine, it will be important to make sure you are under that 240 lbs limit.

Tension Adjustment – when it comes to fitness, being able to increase intensity as you get stronger is key to tracking your progress. Unfortunately with the maxi climber, there is no way to increase resistance on the machine as you get stronger.  You can, however, buy weighted material like weighted vests or ankle weights to help build more resistance while on the machine.

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Versaclimber: Quick Review

I could easily end this review by just telling you how overly priced the versaclimber is, but I thought it would be nice to at least entertain you with some details.

If you’re looking for a full-body workout, then you will definitely get one with the versaclimber.

This machine is great at tracking your results making sure you are burning those calories. Many will be turned off by the price since you get can the same results with other machines at a much more affordable price.


Total body workout – You can expect to get a great total body workout with the versaclimber, which is what makes vertical climbers so effective. Keep in mind the best way to burn calories is by doing workouts that work the entire body. The versaclimber is also great at tracking your progress which is helpful when looking to get results.


Cost – Regardless of all the benefits the versaclimber provides, the cost just doesn’t justify spending so much money on a machine. It’s hard to find reasons why someone should pay such a large amount for a machine when there are more affordable options available.

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Final Thoughts

If you are serious about getting results when it comes to your fitness, then making sure you get the right equipment is going to be key.

Even more important, if you are someone that would rather work out at home, then finding motivation is a must.

So when deciding between the versaclimber or maxi climber machine, you need to know which machine will give you the maximum results.

Both machines offer a great workout when it comes to full-body workouts.  Although it is important, affordability is just as important.  With the maxi climber, you can get a good workout without paying thousands of dollars to get it.

For under $200, you can enjoy your workout in the comfort of your own home.  Check Amazon to get more details on the price.