Eye makeup is important as it enhances your overall appearance. But before going for eye makeup you must be aware of your eye shape. Once you know the shape of your eyes, you can highlight them in a better way with the help of eye shadows, eyeliner, mascara, and kohl.

Some of the popular eyes shapes

There are different eye shapes depending on the physical shape, eye placement, and eye dimensions.

Eye shape

Almond-shaped Eyes

This particular shape of the eye which resembles the shape of an almond is one of the most common eye shapes. Almond-shaped eyes are considered ideal where the outer corners are upswept giving a very good shape to the eyes.

Protruding Eyes

It is just the opposite of almond-shaped eyes. It has an appearance of projected lids in the eye socket area. Due to the bulge on the eyelashes, it can be very difficult to apply eye makeup to make the eyes look fantastic.

Close-set Eyes

Close-set eyes are also known as wide-set eyes. Here the space between the inside corner of one eye and the inside corner of the other eye is less as compared to the width of one eye. The proportion of both eyes is very small in size! In simple terms, wide-set eyes are located further apart from each other.

Deep-set Eyes

Deep-set eyes give the impression of ‘sunken’ eyes. The shape of the eyes is large with a small mobile lid where the outer corner is a very prominent and narrow inner corner. This eye shape highlights the brow bones perfectly giving a very dazzling look.

Hooded Eyes

This eye shape can be noticed in older women where an extra layer of skin forms over the crease, creating a hood that covers the eyelid. Due to this, the eyelid looks smaller. In simple terms, it looks as if a small amount of skin is there on top of the lashes.

Large-shaped Eyes

Just as the name indicates, large eyes are larger in shape as compared to other facial features of your face. Large eyes look beautiful and need minimal makeup to highlight their beauty.

Small-shaped Eyes

Just as the name indicates, small eyes are much smaller in shape as compared to other facial features of your face. While doing the eye makeup special focus must be given to making the eyes look bigger, rounder, and fuller than normal.

Round-shaped Eyes

Just as the name indicates, round eyes are round in shape. During the eye, makeup focus is given to making the eye appear like an almond. The corners of the eyes are highlighted to give a beautiful shape.

Asian Eyes

Also known as Monolids, this particular shape of eyes appear flat on the surface and do not have much of a crease. This type of eye looks bulging as if the eyes are set forward in the face.

Look your eyes very carefully in a mirror and you can find out what shape it has got. Determining what kind of eye shape you have is not a big deal. By following the below-mentioned steps you can easily get your answer.

Steps to determine your eye shape

  • Take a magnifying mirror and sit in a room with good lighting. Make sure the mirror is big enough so that you can have a clear view of your eyes.
  • Now focus on your eyes properly, especially on the space between the inside corners of each eye. For instance, if the space is shorter than the width of one eye then you have close-set eyes and vice versa.
  • Next, have a close look at your eyelids. Close one eye and touch the bone located between the eyelash and the brow line. This bone line will tell about the crease on your eyelash. This will help in telling whether you have hooded or Asian eyes.
  • Keep your eyes open and notice the visible eyelid skin between your lash line and your brow bone. This space will tell you whether you have deep-set eyes, close-set eyes, or standard almond-shaped eyes.
  • Next, simply have a close look at your eyes and your other facial features. If your eyes is larger than the other facial features then you have large eyes and if your eyes are shorter than the other facial features you have short eyes.
  • Finally, take into consideration the above analysis results to determine your eye shape.

Important Point

Always pay attention to the eye shapes of other people around you and try to determine your own eye shape. This way you can know what types of eye makeup suits a particular eye shape and what mistakes people are making. You will learn more from the mistakes of others. In case of any problem, you can always ask a friend to evaluate your eye shape and ask for her suggestion. A second opinion never hurts.

To conclude, the basics of eye makeup application begin with determining the shape of your eyes. This way you can make better judgments and stand apart from the crowd.

Easy-to-Follow Tips to Define the Eyes

No matter what eye shape you have, it is definitely the ‘window to your soul’. One can know a lot about the personality and emotions of a person by looking at his or her eyes. This is why when it comes to beauty and make-up, extra importance is given to the eyes.

To define the shape of your eyes, women use a number of products such as eyebrow pencils, eyeliner, eye pencils, kohl, mascara, eye shadow, and pressed powder or a light foundation to hide the dark circles under the eyes. Even though it looks very simple, applying eye makeup in a perfect way is not always easy. But when you get to learn the art of applying eye makeup perfectly, it will surely make you look more attractive and beautiful.

Brow Pencil

Start your eye makeup by defining your eyebrows. Always keep your eyebrows in a good shape. Those having light eyebrows must use a brow pencil to give a beautiful shape to the eyebrows. With the help of a toothbrush, comb out the brows to give it a neat and clean look. Fuller and more defined eyebrows help in giving a bold look to your eyes.


To define your eyes, you can use different colors of eyeliner such as black, brown, or navy blue. You can use either a liquid or pencil eyeliner depending upon your comfort level. Apply a thin line of eyeliner properly. The corner of your eye should be highlighted properly. When it comes to eyeliner there is no need to apply much as a little can do the real magic. Those who are looking for a dramatic look can go for thicker and darker eyeliner. For daily use, a thin linear is just perfect.

Eye Shadow

Depending upon the occasion and the look you want, you can really do a lot with the different shades of eye shadow colors. Eye shadows are available in powder, cream, and glittery formats. For day-to-day use and a classic look, use the powdered eye shadows that can be easily applied with the help of small brushes or foam pads. For a dimensional look, use two different shades of eye shadow. When it comes to cream-based eye shadows, it can beautifully enhance the shape of your eyes and give you a smoky look. Before applying eye shadow you must always apply some foundation to avoid the formation of creases over your eyelids.


You can use mascara to make your eyelashes thick, long or curly. Depending upon what type of look you want, choose mascara in black, brown, or any other shade. While buying mascara keep in mind your skin tone and occasion. With two coats of mascara, you can beautifully define your eyelashes. Always allow the first coat to dry properly before applying the second coat. This way you will never face the problem of clumping.

Lastly, always experiment with different products, colors, and shades until you are satisfied with your look. Also when it comes to eye makeup products always invest in quality brands. Low-cost or low-quality products can cause damage to your eyes.

Make-Up Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Many women want their eyes to look wider and bigger to make them look more attractive.  It is true that bigger eyes are appealing and more attractive in nature. If you do not have bigger eyes, then there is nothing to worry about as you can always create the illusion of such eyes. With the help of the right makeup products and techniques, it is really not that hard to make your eyes appear bigger.

Bigger eyes

There are different types of eye makeup products and techniques that can help you to create the illusion of bigger eyes. You just need to play around with the techniques to find out which one works best on your face.

Curl your lashes

For wider-looking eye makeup, it is important to curl the eyelashes. This must be done before applying any kind of eye makeup. Use a good quality eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes. For better results, use a heated eyelash curler to curl both the top and bottom eyelashes. Properly curled eyelashes will make the shape of your eyes look bigger. In case you have short eyelashes, then you can always opt for false eyelashes which are very easy to use.

Fix the eyebrows

When it comes to applying eye makeup to make your eyes look wider and bigger, then you simply cannot ignore your eyebrows. It is very essential to keep your eyebrows well-groomed and in proper shape so that it looks nice and neat and in place. Give a thin and arched shape to your eyebrows. This will give more space to your eyelid, thus making your eyes look bigger. You can shape your brows using different techniques such as tweezing, waxing or threading. You can do it yourself and get it done at a salon. Also, it is also important to color your eyebrows with the help of a brow shadow or pencil.


Now it is time to use some eyeliner. If you wish to make your eyes look bigger never use a thick line of eyeliner all around your eyes. It is better to apply a thin line of eyeliner focusing on the natural shape of the eye. Give more stress on the outer corners of your eyes in order to make them appear bigger in shape. Avoid using a jet-black eyeliner shade and instead opt for a soft brown or taupe eyeliner. You can also use white eyeliner to highlight the inner rims of your eyes.

Eye Shadow

Next, it is time to apply some eye shadow. For creating the illusion of a bigger eye you need to apply a light color eye shadow on the base of your eyelid and a darker color at the crease. Just a small amount of neutral eye shadow in a light shade such as vanilla, taupe, and bone colors can do the magic. Apply such a pale eye shadow over the entire lid, all the way from your eyelashes to your eyebrows. This will help to define your eyes. Next, apply a dark eye shadow in a matte brown or grey shade to the crease. Use your finger to blend the color up towards your eyebrow in order to give some depth. Avoid using the same color eye shadow as your eye.


To give a complete look to your eye makeup, you need to use some mascara. For creating the illusion of bigger and wider-looking eyes, you need to apply two coats of black mascara. It is better to use volumizing mascara or curling mascara to create the illusion of longer and fuller eyelashes. First, apply a layer of mascara, allow it to dry properly, and then only apply the second coat in order to accentuate your eye shape. When applying the mascara on the upper lashes, try to focus on the outer edges of your eyes. You can also apply some mascara on your bottom lashes too by holding the wand vertically. Always use an eyelash comb between each coat to remove the clumps and to give a really natural look to the eyelashes.

With all the above-mentioned makeup techniques, you can always make your eyes appear bigger and wider than they really are.