Most Common Ways To Professionally Block Out The Brows

We’ve seen all kinds of posts and videos on how to block out the brows, and some are a little scary. This is a tried and true method that’s been used by professional makeup artists for years. And we like that we can use safe products to make it happen!

We’ve had a lot of questions from viewers who have seen other methods and had a hard time making them work. So I’ll explain our perspective on each of the following methods and how well we think they work and why we favor the soap scum version which is shown in the video:

1. Soap Scum Method

To wash and scrub your brows, you will require this. The first step before beginning any eyebrow application is actually to do this. If any soap residue is left on the hair, you can scratch it off with your nails. Then, lightly scrub both of your brows while creating a froth. Rinse well, then dry your brow with a cloth. Believe me. After doing this, both of your brows will feel much fluffier.

how to cover eyebrows

This method, demonstrated in the video is the safest, simplest, and most effective way to block out the brows completely. As you’ll see in the video, layering it in thin layers is one of the tricks to making this technique look amazing every time. We also layer it with mortician’s wax, which can be purchased at a theatrical supply store or online, and is very cheap. Again, it just takes thin layers. We don’t recommend mustache wax or molding wax, because they don’t blend in as well. I think the secret to mortician’s wax is that it is a very pliable wax that melts slightly at body temperature, making it blend into the skin beautifully.

2. Spirit Gum

We don’t have a problem with spirit gum as it is a natural adhesive, which comes from tree sap. It can be used in layering but is harder to get off, and a lot messier, and we’ve heard from actors who have had bad experiences with makeup artists getting it in their eyes, either during application or removal. That’s a little scary. So overall, we feel it is an okay option, but needs to be administered really carefully and once you’ve used the soap scum method it just really doesn’t seem necessary at all.

3. Latex

This method is our least favorite because of the potential problems with latex. We’ve seen some actors swell up instantly with latex application because of an allergic reaction. Most people don’t know if they are allergic to it until after a bad reaction, so there’s always a concern. You can smell the strong ammonia in latex as soon as you open a container because the ammonia content in the formulation is so high. Another concern with latex on the brows is that if a good barrier isn’t laid down first, it will literally rip the brow hair right off. And yes, we’ve heard horror stories from actors who have had that happen. So for those reasons, we avoid this method completely.

4. Liquid Concealer

Compared to the other types, the liquid type is simpler to distribute and smooth. This will also help you paint your brows quickly. It will act as a covering for the top brow hair layer. Choose one that will mix well with your skin tone. As your brow hairs become totally buried, this will offer a more natural covering.

5. Glue Stick method to Hide Eyebrows

The glue stick technique is simple to use. In essence, you’ll use a glue stick to conceal your brows. This will still allow for some brow hair to be visible. Don’t be concerned; this technique is secure and will keep your brows looking wonderful long after you’ve quit using it. Just remember to purchase the washable ones so you won’t struggle to remove them after your performance.

This is a new method that appears all over youtube, but we’ve never seen it used in a professional makeup trailer. One thing that happens to MU artists all the time is either the director throws something at us or for some reason we have to invent something on the spot… a glue stick seems like one of those make-shift ideas that someone came up with in desperation. Sometimes those inventions out of desperation are the best, but, unfortunately, we don’t think this is one of those cases.

We actually tried it on makeup to see how well it worked. We liked the idea that it was non-toxic, but when it came to performance we weren’t impressed at all. It is actually too tacky and doesn’t dry or change in tackiness, making it hard to smooth and layer. It actually was way too thick. By comparison, with soap scum, as you keep working it (like in the video) it starts drying and thickening so you can smooth it down flat…but with a gluestick, it just added bulk, so the brows were hard to visibly erase and too gooey to cover well. So our vote for this option is a big thumbs down.

Step-by-step Guide to Hide Eyebrows

First, clean your eyebrows by rubbing your brows with a soap bar gently until it produces a froth. Towel dry after rinsing. That ought to keep each brow groomed and prepared. Drying your eyebrows with a hair dryer is another option. To check for soap residue, look at the edge of your eyebrows. To prevent any eye irritation, make sure all of the soap has been removed.

Putting down the first layer of glue

The next step in concealing your brows is to scrape off a lump of glue. Utilizing the plastic palette knife will allow you to do this. Depending on how thick or thin your eyebrows are, you should apply a quantity that is appropriate. Start putting the glue on with the palette knife. Start with the tips closest to your ear and work your way up to your nose.

To get a natural grain, push the eyebrow hair. After covering your entire eyebrow with adhesive, push the hairs toward your nose. The hair can then be flattened by moving upward toward your forehead. The hair can be brushed on and off until it is straight. To completely cover the follicles, it is important to keep the hairs as flat as possible. This technique keeps the eyebrows in their natural place. This will simplify the process of applying eyebrow makeup after the glue has dried completely.

Here’s a brief tip: While you are still adding the glue, avoid getting your brows brushed in any unusual manner. It will continue to wrinkle and have less of a smoothing effect on your skin. You can use tweezers to remove any extra hair strands that are hanging out or you can clip the hair a little bit. While you wait, use the palette knife to carefully scrape the glue off of your upper eyelid if it gets there.

Time To Put On More Coats

Did you know that adding more adhesive coatings will secure where your eyebrows are placed? Following the application of the first coat, you have roughly 15 minutes to complete this. Apply the second portion of glue by digging it out and going with the natural direction of your brows.

Avoid rubbing the adhesive on your eyebrows as this could irritate the skin there. Instead, you can use the same method you used to apply the first coat to gently comb it. Your eyebrows should stay flat by applying to glue coats. Before continuing, let it to thoroughly dry.

How to Use the Concealer

Depending on whether you have thin or dark eyebrows, you will apply different amounts of concealer. The ideal color should complement your skin tone. Start by emulating your eyebrows’ natural form. Avoid using too much color, especially on the edges, since this could spoil the desired character impression. Applying excessive amounts of concealer will just make your brows darker than your skin tone.

If it isn’t completely smooth, don’t worry; you can always add the powder to smooth it out afterward. It’s crucial to wait 10 to 15 minutes before touching the concealer. It’s time to let it totally dry after covering the eyebrow region.

Blending Concealer and Powder

Have you got a sturdy brush? This is necessary to apply powder and blend it with concealer. This will make up for any overlooked details in places that aren’t sufficiently smoothed. To create this blending technique, you can use one or several colors of powder. To match your skin tone, don’t forget to apply the same shade of powder all over your face. Of course, you don’t want to appear completely dark around the neck and pale on the face. This will also let you apply the makeup on your face more accurately and reflect your cosplay appearance.

Draw New Eyebrows

It can be difficult to draw eyebrows. However, Google is full of advice and recommendations, like the one you’re reading right now. Make sure your eyebrow color matches your skin tone as well as the color of your hair. If the person you are imitating doesn’t wear a particular colored eyeshadow or eyebrow pencil, it shouldn’t be darker than the color of your hair or wigs because it may look weird. Applying white eyeshadow is ideal because it will be your base makeup.

Keep the rule in mind. To create a more natural effect, start with a lighter eyeshadow color and work your way up. I like to make my eyebrows using a pencil since it is simpler to brush and shape. To highlight the freshly drawn eyebrows, it is also advised to line the brow area with foundation or concealer using a fine-tipped brush.

Enjoy and please let us know if you’d like to see the makeup tutorial for the look in this video! In the meantime, stay safe!