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Acai Bowls Health

Are Acai Bowls Healthy?

Acai bowls: Are they healthy or just a trend? Acai bowls have been gaining popularity recently as a healthy breakfast or snack option. They are often touted as a superfood and are said to provide various health benefits. However, with so many conflicting opinions and information, it can be hard to know what to believe. […]

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S'more Recipes

Best S’more Recipes

Fun ways to Make and Eat S’mores If you’re looking for a unique twist on the classic S’more, you’ve come to the right place! There are so many ways to make S’mores that you’ll never get bored. From adding a scoop of ice cream to making them with different flavors of chocolate, there’s something for

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Mock Chow Mein Recipe

Recipe for Mock Chow Mein A family favorite growing up was mock chow mein casserole. Even back then I wondered at the name. Besides the obvious chow mein noodles, it was nothing like the chow mein we had out of cans. I’m not sure where it got the name, but eventually, I adapted it to

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30 Minute Queso Recipe

Last year for Cinco De Mayo I happened to be on a fishing trip with my work and it didn’t even occur to me to make my office famous taquitos and queso blanco. So I made them on Sunday, brought them in on Monday, and called it Cinco de Monday. The queso is surprisingly easy

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Best Cheesecake Ever

Simply the best cheesecake you will ever taste. The best recipes, I have found, are those with the simplest and fewest ingredients. Caprese Salad for example: vine ripe tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, a few seasonings and olive oil. Perfection. This recipe, is one of those AMAZINGLY simple and perfectly delicious combinations. Please, don’t be intimidated

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19 Ways to Enjoy Arugula

All about Arugula Also known as rocket, rucola, or roquette, this peppery green has been cultivated in the Mediterranean for thousands of years. With high levels of potassium and vitamins A and C, arugula is a nutritional powerhouse. It makes more of a punch, flavor-wise, than most other leafy greens, which lends itself nicely to

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Easy Apple Crisp Recipe

When fall rolls around, there’s nothing better than an easy apple crisp for dessert. Apples are in season, and the weather’s getting cool, so what could be more perfect than a warm, delicious apple crisp? Apple crisp is one of my favorite desserts. I love the apple filling, but the part I really love is the

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Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

A good gingerbread cookie recipe is a must at Christmas. There are a lot of different Christmas desserts, but there aren’t a lot of them that say “Christmas” like delicious gingerbread people! Sure, you can buy gingerbread cookies at the store, but trust me, nothing beats homemade. This gingerbread cookie recipe will give you yummier

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Orange And Cranberry Bars

As far as Christmas dessert recipes go, these cranberry bars are actually fairly healthy, and they make a nice change of pace from rich, heavy — but delicious — desserts. My mom has been making these for 16 years now. She got the recipe from a newspaper article… in fact, she still has it carefully

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Lemon Bar Recipe

Unlike most of the recipes I like to use, this lemon bar recipe isn’t completely homemade. It uses a packaged lemon pie filling mix, but it’s really yummy, and it makes super easy lemon bars. I love this Christmas dessert recipe because it’s sweet but tangy, and it’s not really as rich as some of

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Pecan Pie Bars – Recipe

Out of all my family’s Christmas dessert recipes, these pecan pie bars are probably the most popular. Whenever we bring a plate of desserts over to a friend’s place over the holidays, someone raves about them… and the people who’ve had them before always make sure to save a little room for some pecan bars.

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Best Chocolate Cake Recipe

Nothing really compares to homemade chocolate cake. And this is the best chocolate cake recipe out there. It’s moist, it’s chocolaty, it’s fluffy, it’s everything you want the chocolate cake to be! I have a special place in my heart for chocolate cake. Every year, my mom makes me a homemade chocolate cake for my

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Easy Sugar Cookie Recipe

If you’re looking for easy sugar cookie recipes, you’re in the right place. This is one of the easiest and the best sugar cookie recipes I know. They’re buttery and sweet, and the dough is just so easy to work with. And the best part? They’re made to be rolled and cut out with cookie

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Royal Icing Recipe

If you’re making gingerbread men, you need a royal icing recipe. Not that gingerbread isn’t delicious on its own… but a bit of icing adds just the right touch of sweetness, and the cookies are so much prettier when they’re decorated. Besides, decorating gingerbread cookies is half the fun! Different cookies need different types of

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Sugar Cookie Icing

One of the best parts about making sugar cookies is decorating them, and this sugar cookie icing recipe is the best way to do it. Sugar cookies taste great on their own, but a little bit of icing can make them look as awesome as they taste. This sugar cookie icing recipe is so easy

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can vodka go bad

Can Vodka Go Bad?

One of the most popular alcoholic mixers in the Western world, vodka is a deceptively innocent-looking distilled spirit with a strong, vibrant kick to it. Its clear, transparent, water-like appearance is a cunning mask for a beverage that often consists of a minimum of 40% alcohol content, and perhaps it should come as no surprise

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can hummus be frozen

Can You Freeze Hummus?

Hummus’s popularity has grown considerably over time, and it can lend a Mediterranean flavor to just about any kind of dish. From use as a simple dip with crackers to a way to significantly improve a sandwich or even a funky pizza topping, hummus can be a great addition to many kinds of meals. When

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Freeze Blueberries

How to Freeze Blueberries

Quick and Easy Way to Freeze Blueberries If you would like to enjoy blueberries all year round, the best way to do that is to freeze them on your own. The whole process is pretty straightforward and isn’t time-consuming. Many people freeze blueberries to use them in pies, smoothies, etc. and chances are you will

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Does Coconut Oil Go Bad

Does Coconut Oil Go Bad?

Coconut oil has only recently shaken off the sorted reputation as being one of the worst oils to being one the best. In the early 1980s the ASA (American Soybean Association) funded a study that found unhealthy levels of saturated fats in coconut oil, the results stipulated that coconut oil had an overabundance of saturated

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Freezing Yogurt Properly

Can I freeze yogurt?

Anytime there is a sale on yogurt, you pick extra up thinking you are going to eat it all, but you end up throwing some out because you cannot eat it all before the expiration date. This time if you purchase yogurt on sale in bountiful amounts, you should freeze it instead so it stays

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does almond milk go bad

Can Almond Milk Go Bad?

Does Almond Milk Go Bad? Almond milk’s nutritious qualities have made it an extremely popular drink lately, and you may have fallen in love with it as so many other people have. You can make your own almond milk or buy it at most types of stores nowadays, and both have their individual advantages. However,

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