Austin is the twenty-third most literate city in America and is home to a number of prestigious and reputed Universities and institutions of higher learning. Among these, the University of Texas at Austin is one of the largest and reputed universities in the country which offers numerous programs like architecture, engineering, and computer science. Some of the other institutions at Austin are the schools of business and colleges based on theology. Since Austin is an independent school district, the public and secondary education is provided by the magnet school and three middle schools. There are a number of private schools as well and alternative education is provided at religious schools and preparatory schools.

Some of the interesting activities for children in the city of Austin are listed as follows:

The Austin Children’s Museum caters to all the age groups of children from two-year-old tiny tots to adolescents and teenagers through specialty programs, interactive exhibits, and programs involving the interaction of children and their parents. Some noteworthy exhibits are the ‘Time Tower’ which traces the evolution of our planet through centuries from dinosaurs to computers, the development chart of children from birth till adolescence and various exploratory and multimedia presentations.

The Austin Nature and Science Center provides children with a unique opportunity to observe albino raccoons, barn owls, snakes and other animals in the petting area and also to explore the winding trails and appreciate the beautiful ponds.

The Boggy Creek Farm is an ideal venue for educating children about life on the farm which features tractors, animals and fresh farm produce. This organic farm is renowned for demonstrating modern farming techniques and a noteworthy attraction is a historic farmhouse which is one of the oldest buildings in the city, located within the premises.

The Austin Zoo started out as a family-owned farm consisting of farm animals and over a period of time expanded to become a wildlife sanctuary and a zoo featuring exotic animals like the Royal Bengal tiger, lemurs, and innumerable butterflies.

The Chaparral Ice Arena is an expansive area in which children can indulge in group skating, broomball, dodge ball, and curling. In addition, interested children can enroll in skating classes and participate in various events that have skating as a theme.

The walkthrough aquarium at the departmental store Cabela is a great place for children because it is home to many of the local fishes including a hundred-year-old catfish. The store also has a taxidermy room in which children can see stuffed animals like crocodiles, lions and elephants.

The Main Event is a computerized game arcade that features every imaginable type of game like a bowling alley, glow golf and a pool hall and since all the games are computerized, one would have to take a card and swipe it every time one wants to play a game.

The Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center is an amazing venue where children can observe and learn about the wildflowers and at the same time explore the various trails that lead to the interior of the woods.

The University of Texas in Austin could be visited with children with the hope that on seeing the huge campus and its colorful and diverse students, the child would feel inspired to study hard for the sake of becoming a part of the elite alumni one day.