Like all the moms out there, I have a stroller for transporting my little one around.  But I have a few tricks up my sleeve to get the most use out of your stroller.

Let’s start by checking out the stroller collection we have at home.

Heavy Duty Stroller

Our main stroller came as a set with the car seat that clicks into it and the base for the car.

This is the Graco Fast Action Click Connect Travel System

It is big, sturdy, and can hold a lot of my junk while we’re out and about.  We registered for it and absolutely adore it!

After all, don’t all first-time moms overpack on the “essentials” for every trip out?  The heavy-duty stroller was a need!

Light-Weight Stroller

Our second stroller is new!  It’s a mid-range stroller somewhere between the cheap umbrella stroller and the heavy-duty stroller.

This is the Summer 3Dlite+ Convenience Stroller.

What I love about it is that it folds up to practically nothing.  This is the stroller we keep in dad’s car now!

From a trip to the park, grocery store, or vacation, they see a lot of use.  But we need to make them work for the US!

How to keep baby cool in stroller

For those hot summer days, your baby doesn’t have to be hooked into a hot seat surrounded by stagnant air!

Grab yourself a battery-operated fan to clip onto your stroller so the baby can be comfy!

If it’s a scorcher, Amazon does have cooling packs that will keep their backs nice and cool.

Bungee Cord or bin in the trunk

My heavy-duty stroller takes up basically all of my trunks.  When I am loading my car with groceries, they wind up falling into the crevices and spilling my groceries all over.

If your back seat has headrests or a seat that remains empty, wrap a bungee cord around it and thread it into your stroller when you load your stroller in.

If you don’t have headrests or you live in a city where it is frequently rainy or muddy, measure the bottom of your stroller when folded and get yourself a plastic bin to contain your stroller and keep your car clean.

Ankle Weights on front

Do any moms out there have a Mary Poppins bag that makes the stroller do a back flip every time you get the baby out or do you let go of the handle?

Grab some ankle weights and throw them on the front right by the wheels to counterweight the stroller and keep it standing.

Wine Bags for family drinks

If you’re out with a large group or your family prefers to have multiple drinks to choose from, grab a reusable wine bag to keep drinks upright.

Mom Hooks

Bless whoever invented this giant carabiner!  You can either keep one on the handle to attach your smaller bags or groceries to or throw 2 on there like I do to attach the handles of your Mary Poppins bag to keep it accessible, off the ground, and evenly proportion the weight.

Another thing I adore about these is that if your baby is passed out in their car seat on a much-needed nap or they don’t do well in a shopping cart, you can take in your stroller and clip a shopping basket to the mom hooks so you can grocery shop while baby is a happy camper in their stroller!

Add a Caddy

Companies are trying to be as accommodating as possible to the people behind the wheel of strollers out there.

If you have a smaller stroller, like ours, or a jogging stroller that has a bar but no compartments or drink holders, grab an attachment!

Add Skateboard or Handle As Stroller Attachment for Toddler

Have an older sibling but don’t want to do a double stroller?  Snatch a skateboard attachment so your big brother or sister can be up with you, but not end up whining that they’re walking all day.

They also have stroller straps that provide handles for your older ones to remind them to stay close to the stroller.


Cup strap

Let me guess, your toddler enjoys throwing things or… dropping things with style? Grab yourself a cup strap and attach it to your stroller.

When the cup goes flying, it won’t roll away or get dirty on the ground!  Your little one can also eventually learn to pull the rope and get it back for themselves.


Attach umbrella to stroller

If you’re practically albino like me, you may want to stay out of the sun.  You may also enjoy walks in the rain.  BUT pushing a stroller and holding an umbrella is pretty impractical.

This magical umbrella attaches to your stroller so you don’t have to worry about anything but you pushing your precious cargo.

This umbrella attaches to any round or square pole and can be adjusted to fully cover you or your baby depending on sun or rain.

Rain cover

If you’re a rainy day walk kind of mom, a resident in a gloomy area, or you want to be prepared, grab yourself a universal stroller cover to keep all of your strollers…and offspring… from getting soaked and mildewy.

Zip Ties

If you’re a jogger or if you’ll be off-roading, thread some zip ties through the wheels to keep the stroller from rolling away or getting stuck.

Make it Night-Friendly

Grab some bicycle reflective strips or battery-operated lights to make your stroller visible to cars (or yourself) at night.

Wheel Lock Hack

If you’re headed somewhere that will be a tight squeeze for a stroller, grab a bike lock.  You can lock your stroller to a pole outside and run to wherever you’re going to be without worrying about your stroller going missing.  (Don’t leave any valuables when you ditch your stroller!)

Make it Taller!

For parents 6-foot tall and above, most strollers force you to push with your fingertips or bend over.

Being 5’2”, I do not have this problem.  But they have some lovely universal extensions out there that will allow you to be comfortable while out for a stroll with your baby.

Bring Along the Snacks

When you are using a compact stroller, they don’t usually come with snack tracks, but plain bars.  Amazon has a solution with snack pods you can create out of thin air!

Office Supplies = Shade

Throwing a muslin blanket over the stroller can provide some much-needed shade for a nap without locking in excess heat, however, as soon as you start to walk around, it falls off.

Attach some binder clips to the stroller’s umbrella shade to keep the blanket from falling off.

Shower Caps

Having a few spare disposable or reusable shower caps in your car trunk or the back door can save you from cleaning up some serious messes.  If your stroller wheels get sand, mud, water, or anything else on them, you can simply wrap them in the shower caps to keep your car and the floors of your home clean.

Over Door Hanger

If you don’t keep your stroller in your car at all times but don’t want it collecting dust in the garage or taking up space around your home, grab an over-door hangar that can handle the weight and bulk of your stroller to keep it clean and out of the way.

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