Mother’s Day is a wonderful day designed to celebrate the gift of mom. Yet it can often leave the “bonus” mom feeling less than celebrated.

Stepmoms play a special role in the lives of their stepchildren and, while many will not be recognized this Mother’s Day, their impact on the lives of their stepchildren will never go unnoticed.

This is for all the stepmoms out there. Happy Day!

An Ode to StepMoms:

You choose to love a man with kids.

You put on a smile even when you are frowning inside.

You play chauffer without pay.

You help with homework and projects yet don’t seem to make the grade.

You give your stepchildren a gift by loving their father yet they may not see it that way.

You often put up an umbrella to protect you from the toxic storm that comes your way.

You show unwavering love and support in the eye of a stepfamily storm.

You stand strong. Very strong.

Disney promotes the job of stepmom in an unflattering light

but you know the truth.

You know that your heart is full of love and mercy.

You know that your desire is never to replace the children’s mom

but rather be a positive role model in their lives.

You are loving.

You are worthy.

You are dedicated.

You are wonderful.

You are loved.

You are a gift to your stepfamily. While those gifts may not get unwrapped each day, they are very present in the lives of your partner and his children. The thank you note may have gotten “lost in the mail,” but your heart does not go unnoticed. You are love and you are loved.

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