5 Things to Consider When Beginning a Fitness Program

Things to consider when starting aI see it often. A new member at the gym, eager to jump right in, starts taking every class available. Which is awesome…if you are able to safely do so. What many people don’t consider is that not every fitness class is suited for every person. I love Bodypump, but spin class is not something I take often. I prefer to take classes with some strength training as opposed to pure Cardio classes. It’s all about preference, and what you can safely do.

1.) Do you have any medical conditions or injuries that may prevent you from safely working out? For me, I have a knee injury that prevents me from running long distances. So, I don’t take any of the running classes at the gym. There are typically modifications to almost all exercises, but in some cases, you may have a medical condition or injury that will prevent you from safely participating in the class, even with modifications. In any event, it’s always best to consult with a medical professional before starting any program.

2.) What is your current fitness level? If you are going from a primarily sedentary lifestyle to working out, you want to start slow. It’s normal to want to jump right in, and that’s a great attitude to have, but taking a more advance class when you aren’t ready can lead to injury and can also lead to frustration at not being able to keep up, which leads to you giving up altogether.

3.)What kind of activities do you enjoy? I mentioned above I prefer Bodypump to Spin. It’s not that I don’t think Spin is a great class, it’s that for me, it’s not a form of exercise that I enjoy. I like to lift. I like strength training. I don’t like riding a bike. So when it comes to choosing a program, take into consideration what kind of activities you like to do and chose a program that incorporates some of those things. You are more likely to stick to it, if you like it.

4.)What kind of schedule can you commit to? Bodypump meets a few days a week at different times. I chose Tuesdays at 8:30 am. Because I know that is a time that I can commit to. It doesn’t interfere with work or other obligations I have. Plus it fits perfectly into my training plan for my competition. Chose a schedule that you know you will stick to. Don’t let life become your excuse.

5.)How motivated are you? Really stop and think about it. Are you ready to change? Use your motivation to push you. Use it to create that drive that makes you want to go to the gym even when you had a rough night the day before. Use it to push you through when you don’t feel like you can do a single rep more.