The newest teen trends are “glow” or “hyperglow” parties.

Glow Parties are the new dangerous teen trendThese pop-up parties are marketed as “alcohol-free” gatherings  for ages 16 and up. They are filled with loud, pulsing techno music, strobe lights and, you guessed it, glow sticks. (Think rave on super steroids.) Sounds OK, right? Somewhere for the kids to get together, hang out and dance free of alcohol?

Well, it might not be as innocent as it seems.

Many of these parties are filled with drugs whose effects are enhanced by the glow sticks.

The drug of choice at these parties is often Molly, a hallucinogen and amphetamine. The drug can produce a feeling of euphoria, heightened by the glow on the glow sticks and glow necklaces. The drug can increase heart rate and blood pressure, and can reduce defenses, leaving the user more vulnerable to strangers. The drug has been known to cause severe panic attacks, seizures and even psychosis. There have also been reports of severe depression after taking the drug.

Molly is made up of MDMA, the active ingredient in Ecstasy, and can be taken in pill or powder form. However, it has been seen in paper (like in LSD) and also an injectable form.

Molly is often marketed to first time drug users, especially in the age ranges of 12 to 17. These glow parties are sometimes attended by drug dealers who prey on young kids.

Have you heard about these “Glow Parties” popping up in your area yet?

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