Child Anxiety Separation

Child Separation Anxiety

I feel guilty because my child always cries when I leave for work.  What should I do? I remember one Monday morning when my daughter was about five years old. We had just finished a wonderful weekend and just like any family, we all had the Monday blues. I had a business trip planned and …

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Art Themed Birthday Party

Art Birthday Party

Birthday Party Plan with an Art Theme Get a little creative with your child’s next birthday party and add some artistic flair to the food, decor, and activities. You’ll surely have a work of art on your hands when you throw this awe-inspiring Art Party.  Below, we have everything planned out for you from the …

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indoor activities Kids

Kids Indoor Activities

Searching for indoor activities for kids? You’re on the right blog! Go grab a coffee and settle in, I’m about to inspire you and get those creative juices flowing. Toddlers are little bundles of energy. They never stop going.  We know that, right? From the time their feet hit the floor in the morning until …

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Best Car Seats for Newborn

Best Car Seats for Newborn

New and expecting parents are faced with a whole host of important decisions as they welcome a baby into their lives. Everyone seems to have an opinion on what parents should do, be they family or close friends or – sometimes – even perfect strangers. Wading through all that advice can present an extra challenge. …

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What is swaddling?

How to Swaddle your Baby

Swaddling, many parents swear by it. Is it the baby sleep solution you have been searching for? Let’s get you up to speed on sleep techniques known as swaddling. What is swaddling? Swaddling is the practice of wrapping a blanket tightly around your baby’s body. The cocoon effect of the snug-fitting blanket can resemble the …

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Baby Body Signs

Baby Body Signs Book Helps Parents Evaluate Child’s Physical Cues

This head-to-toe guide gives parents practical pointers for monitoring their children’s health from birth through toddlerhood. The human body changes rapidly during the first years of life. Often-anxious new parents struggle to know whether a particular physical issue signals big trouble or something that will pass without intervention. Joan Liebmann-Smith, Ph.D., and Jacqueline Nardi Egan …

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