How to Keep a Baby Cool in the Summer

Summer is on it’s way and the last thing you want is for your baby to get too warm and become dehydrated. Herewith are 7 tips on how to keep your baby cool in summer.

1. A Cool Bedroom Sleeps Better

If your baby’s room is nice and cool he will sleep better at night and during the day. Ensure to keep the windows and curtains open in summer so that a fresh breeze can circulate the room. The fresh air will also help your baby to breath better and is very beneficial for his lungs. If the room is facing towards the sun you will need to keep the curtains closed to keep the heat out. Alternatively you can put a fan in your baby’s room. He might find the sound of it comforting. Try to avoid an aircon as it will only dry the air out.

2. Cotton Over Polyester Pajamas

I’m pretty sure you wanted to buy plenty of super cute outfits for your baby, but decided against it because the material was just not right. Certain fabrics like polyester for example are not breathable and it can make you get warm and sweat while wearing it. Try to dress your baby in cotton pajamas as it is both soft and breathable. It will help your baby to stay cool and relaxed.

3. Splash In A Pool With Water

Spending time outdoors is fun, but not if the weather is too hot. You can cool your baby off by placing him in a small inflatable pool with luke warm to cool water. Don’t use cold water at first as your baby may not like the temperature and get cold. Bring some of his toys along for extra fun! Always stay by your baby’s side and never leave him alone in the water.

4. Hydration Is Key

You will notice that your baby becomes more thirsty during the warm summer months. It’s so easy for babies to become dehydrated so make sure to always have his bottles nearby and wherever you go. Remember to give your baby sips of water or other fluids in between feeds to help him stay cool and hydrated.

5. Avoid Direct Contact With The Sun

The sun is extremely dangerous and the last thing you want is for your baby to get sunburn. Keep him out of direct sunlight and put baby sunscreen on his face and body parts that are not covered with clothes whenever you leave the house. Also dress him in a sun hat and baby sunglasses. Your baby will look adorable!

6. Cool Bath Before Bedtime

Run your baby a cool bath before he goes to bed. Ensure that the temperature is slightly cooler than normal but not below 60 degrees as it will be too cold for your baby and he will not enjoy bath time. Cold baths and showers are known to stimulate the mind and body and releases energy instead of relaxation. A bath before bedtime will help your baby feel nice and sleep better at night.

7. Make Some Breastmilk Ice Lollies

Ice lollies are a perfect way for the whole family to cool down during summer. If you are breastfeeding your baby you can make him breast milk ice lollies. They are very popular and of course very healthy as well. It’s super easy to make. Just purchase an ice lolly mold, sticks and express some fresh breast milk and put it in the freezer. Whalah! Alternatively you can use water, juice or rooibos tea according to your preference. When your baby gets hot just hand him a lolly and keep and eye on him while he enjoys it.

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