There’s nothing tougher than convincing a toddler or preschooler to wait a minute before jumping into the pool, nothing harder, that is, than convincing them to wait a minute so you can lather them up with sunscreen. If you’ve got a wiggly, wild little one who doesn’t love the feel or experience of putting on sunscreen, check out these tips to help you keep them sun safe and happy at the same time.

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Lather up before you leave home

Sometimes kids don’t want to put on sunscreen because they would rather be splashing in the pool or going down the slide at the playground. If your tot is easily distracted and tends to want to rush right into play when you get somewhere fun, consider spreading on their sunscreen before you leave home. While it might feel odd to put on sunscreen in the comfort of your air-conditioned living room, it’s certainly easier than trying to do so as your babe tries to squirm out of your arms poolside.

Try a different texture

If what your babe dislikes about sunscreen is the feel, consider swapping what you use now for a different texture. If you use a traditional liquid sunscreen, try using a spray or foam sunscreen where applicable and using a sunscreen stick for their face. Spray and stick sunscreens don’t typically need to be rubbed in as much either, a major bonus for those kids who like to wiggle!

Sing a silly song

Instead of telling your little one “just hold still for one more minute!” over and over, consider choosing a song that can be sung in the amount of time it takes to apply sunscreen and sing it with your child as you apply. With a tune on their lips, they’ll be less likely to complain and more likely to hold still since they know exactly how much longer it will take.

Try a long-sleeved swim shirt

When all else fails, consider eliminating the need for quite as much sunscreen application time by purchasing a long-sleeved swim shirt or a full body swimsuit for your little one. While you’ll still need to apply sunscreen to their exposed skin, there’ll be less of it which means a much shorter application time.

Summer Safety Tips to Keep in Mind All Year Long

At the start of summer, parents are often reminded to be hyper-vigilant about their child’s safety. While summer and outdoor activities many families tend to enjoy during warmer months can create dangerous situations for young kids, these situations don’t disappear when school starts back. As you get back into your fall routine, be sure that you’re following the summer safety tips below all year long.

  1. Keep them safe around water

This is one of the most important safety tips. While you probably won’t be spending as much time at the pool during the fall and winter months as you do during the summer, most kids are around water in one form or another all year long. Any time you’re near a pool, lake, river or stream you should keep your eyes on your child at all times and, at home, your child should never be left unattended in the bath.

  1. Protect their eyes

Sunglasses are a regular part of many people’s summer wardrobes. But in the fall and winter, they often leave them at home. Protecting your tot’s eyes is important. Too much exposure to bright environments without protection can cause lasting damage. Consider keeping your kid stylish and safe all year long in a pair of Babiators.

  1. Keep their skin safe

Most parents are diligent about slathering their kid with sunscreen during the summer. But, when fall rolls in, they become less committed to the SPF. Even though it’s cooler outside you should be sure to apply sunscreen on any of your child’s exposed skin if they plan to spend time outdoors.

  1. Prevent injuries

Accidental injuries are a major source of ER visits for kids during every season. If your kid has a wild streak, make sure that they’re using all playground equipment properly when they’re at the park. Also make sure that they’re not overcrowding at home equipment, like a trampoline.

  1. Enforce helmet rules

When your kiddo is riding a bike, scooter, or any other wheeled contraption, they should be wearing a helmet. Even if your kid isn’t a fan of having something on their head, helmets are too vital to pass up.

  1. Stay safe in the car

Even if you’re not planning any road trips this fall, your kid should still be buckled into their seat properly 100% of the time they go for a ride. There’s no doubt that car seats keep babies and kids safe in the car. But sometimes they’re tough to install or parent’s don’t have a clear picture on what a properly buckled kid looks like. Because of this, too many children spend time in the car in an unsafe car seat. To ensure that your child is safe, read your car seats manual, check out YouTube for instructional videos, and visit a certified car seat technician to check your work!

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