If you’ve got kids and you drink kombucha, they’ve probably asked if they can have a sip. Whether you gave them some or not, you probably paused, wondering if it was okay for kids to drink it. Well, if you’ve got questions about kids and kombucha you’ve come to the right place.

Can kids drink kombucha?

While some kombucha does contain alcohol, most kombucha purchased without the need for an ID is safe to give to children (as long as they are interested in drinking it). You should stick with store-bought versions instead of homemade so that you have a better sense of alcohol content and safety. Any kombucha that passes a certain percentage of alcohol content at any time during production is regulated.

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Some people recommend letting a child drink their age in ounces per day. Be sure to offer it to your child in small doses to ensure it doesn’t upset their tummy!

How about babies?

It is not recommended to give babies under one kombucha. Just as you would not give a baby honey, due to the risks of the  raw format, you don’t want to give a baby without a developed immune system kombucha. The bacteria that are part of the production of the beverage can pose a risk. Hold off a little bit longer and they’ll be ready to drink it when they’re older!

Does it have health benefits for kids?

Kombucha boasts many benefits but experts offer mixed reviews when it comes to benefits for kids. While many adults who drink it share anecdotal evidence that they have increased energy, a cleaner, healthier gut and the ability to ward off illness better than those who don’t consume kombucha, there are not reliable studies around kids and the benefits of kombucha.

Can you drink it when you’re pregnant?

While most kombucha is considered non-alcoholic, it can contain trace amounts of alcohol. It can also contain caffeine and is unpasteurized leading experts to recommend that pregnant women pass on partaking.

While it’s probably a pain to pass on a favorite drink while you’re pregnant, just remember it’s only a few months! Kombucha is breastfeeding-safe, so you won’t have to hold off long after giving birth!

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