Good sleep is essential for the healthy development of our kids. They need a lot of rest when they start their journey through life. Statistics show us that infants spend more than 16 hours a day in their crib, which is why it only seems natural for parents to be concerned about the safety and comfort provided by the mattresses that support their babies.

Toddler Crib Mattress

Based on my experience as a parent, the first thing you need to check when shopping for a crib is whether the mattress goes perfectly in it, without creating any voids which could be potentially dangerous for the baby. The second most important thing is the increased firmness of the product: a soft mattress will only raise the peril of suffocation or, in the worst-case scenario, of SIDS (the “sudden infant death syndrome”).


Here’s what you should consider when looking for the perfect crib mattress for your toddler:



The main types on the market are innerspring and foam mattresses. They can maintain their form over time if they are of high-quality, and thus offer the best support for the little ones. The difference is that foam is usually lighter than its competitor, which makes the changing of the sheets easier for the parents.


You need a fixed frame and simple lines if you want safety for your child. The primary security feature you have to check is the distance between the panels: according to experts, that space should be no wider than 2 3/8 inches. When shopping online, ask the retailer about this and then check the measurements when you pick up the product.



Read what other parents have to say about various crib mattresses, especially if you’re shopping online. Take some time to analyze a review guide and compare opinions; learn from the pros and cons offered by others.



Best new mattresses are lightweight, eco-friendly, reliable and comfy at the same time. Most foam products present a certification showing that they are free of toxic chemicals. One innovative product is the dual-sided crib mattress, with one side firmer than the other. This particular mattress can also be of use for a toddler bed. Friendly advice: don’t buy cheap! Higher-priced items usually offer the right level of firmness and safety.



Waterproof and stain-resistant mattress covers are an excellent investment. You can quickly wipe them down, without having to place a pee pad on the mattress. Plus, they are very light and easy to carry.


Prices and fees

Online shopping will usually get you a better deal, as prices are lower than in stores. But, as I was saying before, checking reviews and comparing prices from various retailers will help you decide where to buy from and what product to choose. Check the delivery charges and other additional fees, if there are any. The same goes for the return policy of the retailer.


Buy new

If possible, buy a new product. It would be best if you could buy the crib together with the mattress. If you pair those up when making the purchase, there’s a better chance that they’ll fit. And if you know your toddler to be allergic to certain fabrics, pick an organic mattress made of cotton, wool or natural latex. They cost more, but they represent a wise investment in your child’s welfare.

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