A List Of Basic Baby Bath Essentials

A List Of Basic Baby Bath Essentials

Who doesn’t find a chubby cheek baby laughing and splashing in a bath full of bubbles too cute for words. When it comes to bathing your baby you only need a handful of baby bath items.

Bathing techniques, accessories, and safety precautions evolve as infants progress through developmental milestones and into young children.

Bathing anxiety is highest in the first few weeks after birth, when both parents and babies are unfamiliar with the experience.

Here’s my list of basic baby bath essentials I use for my daughters.

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Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo

An all-in-one wash not only saves space in the shower, but it also makes bath time more efficient and convenient. Choose fragrance-free products because baby’s skin can be very delicate and sensitive to extra chemicals and ingredients.

You need a good quality baby wash that will not irritate your babies skin, dry it out or sting their eyes. I wash my daughter from head to toe with this baby wash. It smells absolutely lovely!

It is gentle on her skin and tear free. It is also hypoallergenic, contains soothing organic calendula extract, paraben free, colorant free, mineral Oil free and dermatologist tested.

When my babies are very small, I don’t use any soap at all, only water. However, you will eventually need to use body wash and shampoo.

Evereden Nourishing Baby Cream

Babies skin loses moisture much faster than adults so ensure to apply a good quality baby lotion or cream after every bath. I apply this rich cream on to my daughter’s body and after I clean her face. My babies all had minor Eczema, and I discovered that applying this lotion right after bath time greatly improved their condition.

it is moisturizing and contains 10% glycerine

It is also free from artificial colorants and fragrances

California Baby Overtired and Cranky Bath Drops

Babies love massages just as much as we do and there are many benefits involved in it. Once a week I treat my daughter with a nice full body massage to relax her growing muscles.

This oil offers up to 24-hours of moisture

It has a soft fragrance and is suitable for sensitive skin

Johnson’s Baby Jelly

Every household has Vaseline. It has many uses and works great as a nappy cream. I use the fragrance free one on my daughter.

It locks in moisture, is hypoallergenic, free from dyes, and enriched with nourishing oil.

It is also pediatrician and dermatologist-tested


Most babies get rashes. Nappy rashes, and rashes from drooling.

This is my all-time favorite! I use Dermoocrem in the crease of my daughter’s neck and behind her ears when she gets a rash from drooling.

It has a water repellent base, protective and emollient agents; antibacterial and antifungal agents; and a weak anesthetic.

Munchkin White Hot Ducky

Some infants, like cats, believe that getting wet is the worst thing in the world. Draw them into the tub with a slew of toys (if they’re anything like cats, they’ll find it difficult to resist!) What is a babies bath without a cute and fun toy to keep them occupied? Baby bath essentials consists of toys too. I have a bath ducky from Munchkin.

It is easy to grab and water tight to prevent sinking

It also has a Safety Disc underneath the ducky that reveals the word HOT in white when the bath water is too hot for your baby (104 degrees Fahrenheit and above)

Take note baby and ducky has so much fun together the floor will get wet!

Baby Bath Tub

Smaller babies will require their own tub. A baby tub should be at a slight angle—not completely flat, but also not too upright—ideally with a non-slip surface and small safety posts under their arms and legs to prevent them from slipping under the water.

I use this one bought from Beaba and it works perfectly well. Just a white one.

Ps. For this baby bath you do need a rubber bath mat.

A very popular baby bath is the Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub. I included the link above.

Towels and Washcloths

I use towels similar to the above. Mine is pink and other girly colors. My daughter looks so cute when I wrap the towel around her.

The cloths are silky and soft and the towels nice and breathable

If you have basic baby bath essentials you can know that both you and your baby will enjoy bath time alot!

Ps. A couple of months ago my daughter had a few eczema patches on her face and I was recommended by her pediatrician to use specific products. It worked perfectly for her and her eczema went away.  I am still using the products.

Step by Step Guide to Giving a Baby a Bath

Here’s a step-by-step guide to bathing your baby. The most important thing to remember is to never leave your baby unattended during bath time.

  1. Collect your supplies. Make sure everything is easily accessible.
  2. Increase the heat (or carefully use a space heater.) You want your baby to be comfortable and warm at all times.
  3. Prepare everything you’ll need after the bath, including a towel, clean diaper, clothes, and a warm blanket.
  4. Check the temperature of the water in the sink or tub to ensure that it is not too hot or too cold.
  5. Remove your baby’s clothing and place him/her in the bathtub. To keep young babies warm during the bath, cover them with a small blanket.
  6. Begin by washing your baby’s face.
  7. Last, wash and rinse your baby’s hair. (Once their head is wet, they quickly become cold.) If your baby has cradle cap, you can scrub their head with a soft toothbrush and baby oil.
  8. Remove your baby from the bath and wrap him or her in a warm towel.
  9. Put on a clean diaper after patting it dry.
  10. If necessary, apply lotion.
  11. Take off the damp towel and cuddle or feed your child. Cover them with a warm blanket.
  12. Dress your child. Take advantage of that adorable clean baby smell.

Bath Seats Should Be Avoided

Baby bath rings and seats are bathing accessories, not substitutes for adult supervision. The majority of tragedies involved unattended babies tipping over seats or slipping through leg openings and becoming submerged.

Improved seat stability, tighter leg openings, and labeling stating that baby bath seats are not safety devices are all mandated by standards.

There are many convenient baby bath products on the market, but parents on a budget can get by with the basics until their babies are strong enough to sit up on their own and begin bathing in family bathtubs.

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