The first time I walked into a baby store, I was unbelievably overwhelmed. I vividly remember my mom and I staring at the signs around the store, trying to figure out where to start the baby registry. We assumed that you start in the youngest baby section and work your way up. So, we started in the feeding section. BIG MISTAKE. Our very helpful store representative later told us that you always start in furniture. It is easy to look at and there are places to sit and rest!

We have recently discussed the most essential items for a new baby, as well as the most un-glamorous ones. But which ones are worth the splurge?

As I began planning what we needed for Baby,  I tried hard to budget and make decisions on what we really needed to splurge on and what we didn’t. Hopefully, this list will be of a little help to all of you mamas expecting your first out there!

Top 3 Baby Things Worth the Splurge:

1. Stroller

This is probably only worth the splurge if you are truly going to use it. I knew that I was going to have to get out of the house when I was home by myself with a newborn, so I wanted a stroller that would be comfortable and grow with Baby. I planned to get back into working out and would need a stroller that I could run with. I also knew that I did not want different strollers for different purposes. So, we were on the hunt for a jogger with a front wheel that could lock or swivel (for running or walking). We chose a relatively inexpensive jogger travel system. We were VERY unhappy with it. The stroller shook badly when Baby was in the carrier and it was really annoying to push at any speed faster than a snail’s pace. So, back to the baby store, we went to. I sucked it up and spent a little more than we had planned, but we are SO pleased with our stroller. We didn’t go super crazy with the cost of this, but it was definitely more than we planned to spend. D-man can sit or lay comfortably, it is very easy to maneuver while walking or running, and it is as lightweight as could be expected for a jogger. For our lifestyle, it was most definitely worth the splurge.

2. Breast Pump

This one I can’t compare because I only have used one pump, but I could not imagine how much more difficult my return to work would have been without a quality breast pump. I’ve had a hard enough time pumping what D-man has been consuming while at daycare, so for me, this was definitely worth the splurge as well. Although, many of you won’t need to splurge because insurance companies are now covering breast pumps (unless they are grandfathered out, like mine).

3. Glider/Rocking Chair

You are going to spend TONS of time on this one, so you better be comfortable! The prices on these vary so dramatically, and you truly do not have to spend a fortune to be comfortable but take the time to find a chair that works for you and your partner. I know many people who have turned an old rocker into a comfortable chair, and many who have gone top-notch with the made-to-order gliders. We went somewhere in between and are so glad we put the thought into this one.

Top 3 Items NOT to Splurge On:

1. Clothes

I am sure plenty of you will disagree with this one, but I can not stand to spend a lot on baby clothes! You can shop the end of season sales and get some awesome deals when buying for the next year. I also have found tons of adorable, barely or never worn high-quality clothes at consignment sales. Babies are in the clothes for such a short time (and we had a spitter-upper!), so clothes were just not worth the splurge for us.

2. Burp towels

Don’t get me wrong. You need a ton. However, they do not need to be fancy…your baby is only going to spit-up on them!  Cloth diapers work great. Better yet, find a friend who sews (and if you do, even better!), choose a cute, but inexpensive absorbent fabric cut some rectangles, and sew up the edges. My grandmother did this for us, and they are our favorite burp towels. I have some friends who loved using only washcloths, but those weren’t big enough for our spitter!

3. Tons of “equipment”

I know I also will get some major disagreement on this one. When D-man was a newborn, we did not have a room full of things to move him from one to the next, but we did have a few. We had a swing (we purchased the floor model at a major discount)…but he hated it. We had a bouncy seat which was a hand-me-down in excellent condition, but he didn’t care for it too much more than the swing. We did have an activity mat, which he loved, and it also was a hand-me-down. It was incredibly easy to throw in the wash and make it like new!  That is where he spent a lot of his time as a newborn. Additionally, now that we have been through some physical therapy with D-man (because of the cranial band), I have learned that while all of the equipment can be great to give some peace for momma, the most developmentally appropriate place for a young baby to be is on the floor where he can learn and explore.

What did you find totally worth, or not worth the splurge?

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