Lately, it feels like we road trip more than ever. With a larger family, it’s just less expensive than purchasing a round of airline tickets for over a grand (or more in peak periods). We can go more often if we don’t have to pay for those tickets and also, let’s be honest, I don’t want to be sitting in an airport for hours delayed with a micro-version of me!

Here’s I have gathered 5 Road Trip essentials for you to take along for the ride. There are other things you will want to include, but these are the ones I’ve narrowed. In a dream world I’d like to travel as light as possible and as often as possible:

1. A portable potty for the toddler (no, not for you!)

I grabbed this one at my local store and just get the reusable bags. To be honest, if the pup is traveling along I’ll use her bags in the potty (clean ones, of course) because they’re scented and better for the environment. This potty pops up on fours and is the perfect pit-stop, stuck-in-traffic, toddler who won’t go in a gas station little gadget. It’s saved us several times, even once when we needed to pull over on the side of the road because – let’s be honest – they can’t hold it (and why should they?)

2. Snacks!

This one may seem obvious but I like to bring a variety of snacks that aren’t that messy. Also, if it’s a long trip and you need to be certain everyone is fed pack a lunch. It saves time and money. The snacks we like to grab are often carby, but typically healthy. Crackers, nutritional bars with nuts and coconut (watch those allergies), water and electrolyte juices. We try to stay away from the sugary in general, but I’ve found some great juices at the grocery store that are made with fruits and veggies (and our dentist serves them so …seems like a win to me!)

3. Activities

Whether you’re doing Auto Bingo (which I just found for the first time ever and its MAGIC even for a toddler!) or coloring we need some activities. These littles are not used to staying still for long periods of time so let’s be certain to give them something to do. Some folks will bring a tablet and we will do that as well but after one movie it’s pretty much game on and we need to sing some songs or color!

4. Blanket

That’s right, we need something to cuddle with, keep us warm when the AC might get a little too cold and it can even be used for games (who doesn’t like to create a fort from the back of the passenger seat over the car seat? I mean, let’s get creative here. The blanket has been a staple since they were a little ones so keep it in the mix as they get older. I’ll be honest – when I travel I need a blanket AND a pillow if I’m not driving!

5. First-Aid Kit

A first-aid kit has come in handy so many times from scraped knees to driver’s headaches from screaming littles and everything in between. In general, you should just keep one in your car. Here is a little travel one that we picked up at our favorite shop.


Traveling with little ones is no easy task. Try to make it as fun as humanly possible for you and whomever else you are traveling with – you can go many more miles on fun and smiles than you can with tears and shrieks. Safe and happy travels, mamas!

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