The ages of our children right now are the most lovely. In January, they will turn 5 and 2. They had had a great few months together. They are content. They coexist well. They interact amicably.

What happened to the time? I’m aware of how swiftly they are developing and changing in front of our very eyes. Baby Girl is no longer a baby and resembles a three-year-old far more than a newborn. She has pigtails and long legs. Our son currently sees the world with childlike naivety and sincere honesty. They have a fantastic perspective on the world right now. To preserve these memories, we decided to take them to Disneyland.

Sincerely, until you have seen Disneyland through a child’s eyes, you have not truly seen it.

At Main Street’s entrance, directly in front of the castle, I adore the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse holding hands. It’s similar to this walkway that takes you from Main Street back in time, where you are met by Walk and Mickey as you reach Fantasyland in 1955.

Our son had faith. There were inquiries at every bend and ride. Is that actually Buzz? or “Mommy and I defeated Zerg” followed by “I’m frightened of Zerg.” He believed we were headed into outer space while we waited in line for Star Tours (you see, outer space is much too far away and too long to be gone from daddy). Everything he saw and felt seemed genuine as if he were actually there and experiencing it. The hippos on the safari cruise ACTUALLY EXIST.

Meeting Minnie Mouse, who our daughter adored, was a pleasure. We had been at the. Jamboree and Minnie emerged and joined the children as they played. She kissed our daughter while coloring with them. It was truly priceless.

As our son put it, “Seeing Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto” was his favorite part. also visiting Cars Land. I adored the fast ride. However, mum, be sure to remove your sunglasses so they don’t fall off again.

My husband and I both had the same conversations with our parents after we got home, “Oh, you went to Disneyland. Was that torturous? Oh, how we wished we could slap these parents and tell them, “NO! We had the most amazing vacation ever; it was magical; the kids were wonderful; we met Mickey and Minnie; we ate a lot of churros, and we rode the finest rides ever. Yet they simply fail to grasp it. We are aware that saying the opposite would be useless.

Although we could write a novel about our trip to Disneyland, we will keep it brief for the purposes of this piece and provide more details in subsequent ones.

The best of Disneyland

  • Getting to know Mickey and Minnie
  • Halloween in Disneyland is a requirement! It had such merry decorations. We participated in the Mickey Trick or Treat, which gave us entry to the park at 4:00.
  • Entering Cars Land is like entering Radiator Springs. It’s essential!
  • How considerate and accommodating everyone was.

It is a big thing for me as the parent with the camera to really BE IN the photographs and have pictures of the four of us together. – The Photo Pass photographer. We were able to give the Disney photographer a point-and-shoot camera so that we could take both our own candid photos and their official ones. The journey was greatly enhanced by this FREE service.