Things to Do Every Day to Keep Your House Clean

How would you feel if you could wake up every morning to a clean, neat and tidy house?? I bet you’d be the happiest mom on the earth, won’t you?

But the question is – Is it possible? or it’s just an every mom’s fantasy?

To be honest, after having kids, cleaning our home can seem like a never ending task!! And we already have so much to do in a day while taking care of our little ones, that these recursive cleaning and organizing can be a real headache for us! But still we keep doing it because we want our home to be a neat and tidy, clean place! We want to see a clean and well organized room for once when we enter in it or say… keep our home ready if someone decides to show up at any moment!!

I know it’s a everyday chore (because we have kids), and we have to do it more than once in a day but it’s completely possible to reduce the pain by reducing the time of our cleaning sessions!

What if you could clean your living room or kids room just within 5 minutes!! It will be awesome, won’t it??

The question is – How to do it?

And the answer is simple : By keeping it all simple!!!

What I mean when I say “Keep It Simple” ?

I mean : own less stuff!!

It works All. The. Time.!

Have you ever wondered that how much stuff you have in your home that you actually use? We gather many things and we keep many things just because we want them but never or rarely use them. Take a look in your wardrobe. Do you wear each dress that is in your wardrobe? How many dresses are there that you haven’t worn in last six months? I guess you have a few!! Or how many toys are there that your kid actually plays with? I bet you have a bag full of toys which your kid haven’t even touched in last two months because he/she lost interest in it!

And the funny thing is we waste our precious time in organizing all these stuff that we rarely (or never) use!! How silly is that? Why not just get rid of this “Extra” stuff and keep it simple?

To keep it simple, you need to get rid of all those stuff and things that you don’t really need in your house. When you have less stuff in your house you will be surprised to notice that your cleaning sessions are now real quick and easy!

There is more to this “Keep It Simple ” formula than meets the eyes!

There are more benefits of keeping it simple than you realize.

Let’s start from the very first –

1. Less clutter

Of course when you keep it simple, you own less stuff and there will be less clutter for you to clean up!

and honestly that is what we want, don’t we? less clutter and a neat and clean home! You can completely achieve it by keeping it simple.

2. More time

When you have less clutter to clean up, you get it done quickly and save time! That means you get more free time in a day to use it for whatever purpose you want.

3. Less stress

When you see less clutter, and manage to clean it quickly and save time to focus on other tasks you will be relatively less stressed.

4. Good mood

You will be in good mood when you have less stress, when you can ( finally) focus on tasks other than cleaning and when you can clean your house in no time and manage to have a neat and tidy home! That’s a good deal, isn’t it?

5. More productivity

When you have more time in your hand, you can do many other tasks and the to-do things in that free time. That means your productivity will surely increase and you’ll be able to mark off many to do things from your to-do list!

6. More accomplishment

Many time we moms feel really purposeless as we spend our day doing same tasks again and again! And there is always a feeling we feel that is – lack of accomplishment! Despite of doing so much work through out the day we always feel like we haven’t achieved anything, because we barely get time for the things that we really want to do!

By keeping it simple you can actually save much more time and use it to do the things that you actually want to do! As stated above, you’ll have less stress which leads to a good mood which will help in boosting your productivity and at the end of day with more productivity you will definitely feel accomplished!

7. Time for “me-time” and self-care

I always believe that we moms need little breaks now and then to refuel ourselves than any other person in the world! And we always seems to lack in time! It’s really hard for moms to save time and spend it on themselves. But it’s equally important to have that “me-time” and practice a little self-care or do things that make you feel happy!! Try any of these 27 self-care ideas in your ‘me-time’ it’ll recharge you and makes you ready for the next day or next week!!

By keeping it simple you can manage to save time and you can use that time as your “me-time” in which you can practice self-care, or read a book or work on a project or take a nap or just chill and sip your tea/coffee at your favorite spot in your house!

8. A better Happier Mom

When you get time for just yourself and do things that make you feel happy you’ll surely experience a good change in yourself. A little “me-time” can works wonder and make you a happier version of yourself! you’ll feel energized, happy and refreshed! And it’ll reflect in your behavior also. You’ll feel less overwhelmed and less frustrated at your kid’s demands and you will be able to handle such situations in a lot more positive way!

As a result… you’ll be a happier mom and a better mom!!

All these benefits are really cool, aren’t they!!

Now let’s see How to do it.

Well, we have just seen the importance of keeping it simple and many benefits of it. when you have less stuff in your home – when I say less stuff I mean you should own only those stuff that you actually use – then you will reap all the benefits I listed above and may be you’ll discover many more of your own!

So, you can keep it simple at your home by trying following steps :

1. Declutter your home

Ok, first thing first, the starting point of keeping it simple is to start decluttering your house and get rid of the things that you don’t need or don’t use or haven’t used in months!

just start from one drawer or one cabinet then go through (slowly, don’t stress yourself for the results) every drawer and cabinet in one room and then likewise go through every room in your house. Take out the stuff and sort things out – stuff that you use and stuff that you can get rid of by donating or selling or trash if it’s damaged.

Keep the stuff that you use (really use!) and take care of the stuff that’s for donating or selling. Just eliminate the extra stuff you’r keeping in your home. By decluttering your house you’ll face less clutter in the coming days and save yourself from wasting time in cleaning and organizing unnecessary stuff! You can find more about how to declutter your home and where to start- here.

2. Plan your day, week and month


Don’t be skeptical about it. Planning reallllyyy works!!

When it comes to decluttering your house, it’s obvious to feel overwhelmed and sometimes when we feel overwhelmed , it becomes hard for us to take decisions and actually start acting over it! Here planning comes to our aid. Planning helps us to avoid that overwhelm and shows us a path to lead on!

Plan your day and plan how much time you can give to decluttering process. Start slow. Don’t fill your entire room with it’s own clutter. Start from single drawer if you have only that much time in that day and declutter that drawer and keep doing it until you’ve covered all the drawers and cabinets in your house! But for that you need to plan your day and see when you can do this task and for how much time. Learn how to plan your day to make more time for yourself

Likewise you can plan your whole week and even month for the decluttering process and follow it! assign each room to each week in a month and declutter that room in that whole week! See how planning works here? It actually make all the process easy and makes us confident about completing it and achieve our goal of keeping it simple!

So, plan your day, week and month and make it possible!

3. Develop the habit of cleaning each day

I recently read a book called – “The Power Of Habit : Why we do what we do and how to change “. This book illustrates the power of habits in our life and how we can achieve our desired goals by developing new habits or changing the old ones! It tells us the interesting fact that it’s been scientifically proven that our brain is wired to form habits and when we develop a new habit then another part of our brain takes control of our habitual actions and we do it without really thinking!

For example : when you are driving your car, you do everything almost automatically- changing gears, controlling the speed or checking for other vehicles and while doing this all you are actually having a meaningful conversation with your spouse or daughter sitting on the passenger sit! Just because driving the car has become a habit of yourself!! You don’t have to think while doing it. you do it on autopilot!!

That’s the power of habit! Once you develop a cleaning habit you’ll do it even before you decide to do it! But how to develop such a habit?

Well, every time you see clutter on the floor, or a pile of laundry on coach or table, get up and quickly clean it up and put it at it’s designated place. When you do it regularly it will soon become a habit. And you’ll soon find yourself doing it without any second thoughts!

Developing such a habit can help you a lot in keeping your house neat and tidy in minimum time. So, from now on whenever you’ll see any clutter, get up and clean it up until it becomes a habit! It’ll make your life a lot more easier and manageable, believe me!

4. Set morning and evening routines

There is one more powerful thing called – morning and evening routine – in our life!

Morning and evening routines means the things you do every morning after you wake up before starting your day (the actual work of the day!) and the things you do every evening before you go to sleep. Like a morning walk or workout session early in the morning or just having your own time while sipping your tea in the fresh air of early morning can be your morning routine likewise reading a book before going to sleep or taking a bath before sleeping can be your evening routine. These routines sets our mood for the next thing we are going to do.

Morning routines set our mood on a good note and make us ready for the day and it’s challenges. As well evening routine makes us feel we had a good day and feel accomplished and helps us look forward to the next day with some direction.

That’s why we can use these routine to make our day more productive. You can add a cleaning session in your evening routine so that when you wake up next morning you’ll face a clean, neat and tidy house and it’ll immediately set your mood on a good note to start your day!

As a morning routine you can plan your day every morning and you’ll be ready for the day! So decide your morning and evening routine and make cleaning and planning for cleaning a part of it, and you’ll soon witness keeping a neat and tidy house is becoming more and more easy!

5. Keep looking for motivation and inspiration

Everybody needs motivation and inspirations to keep doing what they needs to do! There always comes a time when we tend to think “why should I do this?” or “does this really matter?” And it happens a lot in the matter of everyday household chores! Very often we feel low or less motivated to get things done in our home.

In such situations we need to find the motivation. Find out what motivates you enough. May be playing your favorite playlist can push you enough to get up and start doing the chores and enjoy a bit! I always keep music on while doing the everyday chores and I finish it all almost absent mindedly because all I was doing was enjoying the music! Or may be listen to a inspirational podcast or read a inspirational blog post or a book or talk to your best friend or mom or sister anything that motivates you. Do it. Find motivation and keep doing it!

And the last one :

6. Strictly have some “me-time” and practice self-care

Finally this is one more important thing you should be considering in your everyday life.

When you keep doing the work – managing the household chores, taking care of your little ones and your family, and planning to declutter your home – it can be a lot more work and you’ll be all tired and burned out at the end of the day! To regain the energy you must have some “me-time” and practice self-care!

Strictly have some me-time and do something that makes you feel happy! Read a book or watch your fav. show, or go for a walk ,or call your friend, or meditate. Anything that you love the most – Do it everyday for at least 15 minutes and you will feel recharged and refreshed. And with such mind set you’ll be able to achieve more everyday! If you are struggling to find time for yourself then check out these 10 ways to find more time for yourself in your busy mom life or try these easy strategies to make more time through a day !!

All these things I’ve listed above will help you in keeping it simple at your home and keep your home clean, neat and tidy!

So, I hope you start applying the formula of “keeping it all simple” to your life and your home, now that you know how to do it, and enjoy a clean, neat and tidy home every morning when you wake up!!

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