Habits of LAZY PEOPLE who always have a CLEAN HOME

I’m a mom. This means I need to do thousands of things every day! And most of the time I find myself cleaning the mess in my home, which I simply hate!!

But the thing is I NEED my house to be clean and tidy! Until I clear the mess that’s in front of me, I can’t think straight! And, thanks to my daughter and my limited energy, there is always a mess somewhere in my home! and I always end up feeling overwhelmed by that mess as it takes most of the time of my day to clear it up only to have it all over the place again!!

But I’m really happy to tell you that it doesn’t bother me anymore!! The mess in my home now doesn’t overwhelm me at all!


Because I kept it simple at my home!!

Ok, if you are wondering what does this mean then here is what I did:

I reduced the amount of stuff we had. I got rid of all that stuff which I rarely or never use (yes we all keep such kind of stuff in our home which we never use but also don’t want to give away). In other words, I de-cluttered my home and kept only those things that we actually use, including (especially) my daughter’s toys ( I ruthlessly de-cluttered all her toys and kept only her favorites – just a few)!!

And let me tell you, it has helped me A LOT in keeping my house clean and tidy, in much less time AND I save much more time now which I can spend on other important things or just have it for myself!!

So, I wanted to share it with you and tell you how exactly keeping it simple has worked for me and has helped me to save more time for myself –

#1. Less clutter!

Of course, once I reduced the amount of stuff in my home, now I faced much less clutter!

Before de-cluttering or before keeping it simple at my home, I always faced SO much clutter, SO much mess in any room of my house that the sight was always overwhelming! Especially the toys!! Oh my god, I felt like it can be my full-time job to clear up all those tiny little pieces of my daughter’s toys for 20 times a day!!

But it’s easier now. With less stuff, there is also less clutter and my home doesn’t look that much messy now!

#2. Easy to organize

I used to wonder how the storage we have -and we have really decent storage- was never enough for the stuff we had. With all that storage places, cupboards, cabinets and drawers and lofts there was always something that wouldn’t have a place for it! How surprising was that?

Whenever someone gifted us something or whenever we needed to buy something new I would just freak out thinking where am I gonna put this now?? I almost dreaded new things!!!

Now that I have de-cluttered every room and kept it simple at my home It has become really easy to organize it all! Everything has a permanent place of its own in my house now and still, there is a lot of empty space for any new thing that might come to our home!! The feeling of dread is now dead!!

#3. Cleaning quickly

This is the one thing that I’m truly grateful for! Keeping it simple has made my everyday cleaning task easier and even faster!

With less stuff and less clutter, my cleaning is now quickly done and I get to save a lot of my time ( and energy too)! These days after keeping it simple, I clear up my whole house in almost 45 minutes which used to take almost my half-day before! And this motivates me and makes me more determined to always keep it simple at my home!

#4. Increase productivity

With keeping it simple and even determined to stay that way, I have developed many new good habits that have increased my productivity! I’ve realized that when I have a clean and tidy house, I can focus fully on other more important things and actually complete those tasks!

Because I simply couldn’t think straight when there is a mess in front of me and even if I know that there are other important things that need my attention right now I just can’t turn my head towards them until I clear up the mess! Strange?? maybe… but that’s me. I always NEED to take care of the mess before I do anything else!

Keeping it simple has saved me there! Now that I have less stuff – less clutter – my cleaning sessions are real quick and I can concentrate on my other important tasks with more focus! Now I get more things done from my to-do list than ever before!

#5. Maintaining a tidy house is now less time consuming

I think you have realized by now, how important it is for me to keep my house clean and tidy! It’s kind of irrational but yeah that’s me! And I know I shouldn’t be giving SO MUCH importance to this cleaning and tidying as it’ll never stay like that (even for a day) especially when I have a 2-year-old living in my house! But I simply can’t help myself there!! It’s just how I’m wired.. and maybe you are too!! Maybe you also need a clean house to be able to focus full mindedly on other tasks!

If you are like me in any way then I must tell you – keeping it simple has solved this problem once and for all!! Now maintaining a tidy house ( which is a real task while having a 2-year-old) is now really easy and less time-consuming!

After keeping it simple at my home, now I have much less stuff (I’ve intentionally kept it to a minimum level) which causes much less mess and makes it easy to clean up it all! And really fast!! This way I get to maintain a tidy house in much less time now! What a win!!!

And now I’m not frightened to have people come over to my place! I can have my house ready for guests within minutes! A total saver!!

Keeping it simple at my house and reducing the number of stuff has really helped me through all these ways. And I always try to keep it simple in every single room in my house for the obvious benefits.

So, I just wanted to tell you that keeping it simple is really very helpful, especially for moms. For whom cleaning is a never-ending tedious task. Though it won’t save you from repetitive cleaning sessions caused by your mess-lover children, but it can surely make it all bearable and easy to clear up in really less time!

So try it out mamma, keep it simple at your home too and save yourself a lot of time + energy!

Have you experienced any benefits of de-cluttering other than this? Tell me in the comment section below. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

So, let’s keep it simple mamma, and have time to spend on the things that make you feel happy!

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