You are a mom (of a lovely baby or bunch of cute toddlers) and when you think of having some time for yourself, you laugh out loud!! I totally get that! we moms are NEVER alone. Not even in bathroom!! But sometimes it becomes necessary to indulge yourself because we burn out so much energy (not to mention the sleepless nights!) everyday that we need to recharge ourselves and stay sane(most importantly!)

Motherhood is a wonderful journey but also a very exhausting one! It gives us joy in so many ways but also takes toll on our own time. If you are a person who needs your alone time once in a while to do things you love to do (just like me!) then you struggle really hard for that time while having kids!!

For me, spending some time for myself is a necessity. It keeps me happy and energized enough to be actively engaged with my daughter. And that helps me keep my daughter happy!! So as it is always said, ” a happy mother is a better mother” , you can choose to be a better one by staying happy!

For that you need to find some time for yourself and It’s not that difficult as it sounds! You can surely make some time to enjoy yourself. Here are some ways to make time through your busy day and spend it on yourself!

1. Early in the morning

If you a morning person and love to sip your coffee in quiet and peace of the early morning then this can be a good way to spend time for yourself. Everyone else in the home is sleeping and your kids are (hopefully) not going to wake up for a couple of hours – this gives you enough time to go for a walk or just sip your coffee/tea while enjoying the morning!

It will surely make you fresh and give a great start for your day!

2. At night after your kids go to sleep

If you are not a morning person or maybe you are but your kids don’t let you get a good night’s sleep then this can be a good way for you to finally get some time for yourself at the end of the day!

After putting your kids to sleep you can grab a book to read or watch your favorite show on Netflix (which you probably missed!). You can use this time to relax or you can also plan your activities for the next day!

This is my favorite time to indulge myself. I used to be a morning person (and still I am deep inside somewhere!) but thanks to my daughter, I don’t get enough sleep at night these days so I often spend time reading books once I put her to sleep. It helps me relax and when I wake up next day I feel quite good (like – now I can handle my whole day in a better way!)

3.Make a routine

No matter how busy you are through out your day, you can always make time for yourself if you plan your day!

Make a daily routine for your everyday tasks. It will help you to understand when you can have some free time. Set your priorities for tasks and plan accordingly. You can always postpone some not-so-urgent tasks to have some time for yourself! Don’t be too hard on yourself. Enjoy a little everyday and you will be more productive before you know it! With a happier mood you can accomplish more in a day.

4. When your kids are napping

It may sound a little similar to the option of ‘when kids go to sleep at night’ but this is whole another way to have time for yourself.

At daytime when your kids are napping you can use that little time as your more required break! Babies tend to nap more times in a day so you can either catch up on your sleep or spend some time on yourself .

I know you have work to do which you can’t do while your kids are around and it seems a perfect time to do that work when they are taking a nap. But you need to spend some time on yourself ( believe me, Its really very necessary). And if your kid is a little baby yet then she will probably nap for several times a day so you can use those several breaks to manage that work and some self-care.

And as I said above if you planned your day then it’ll be more easy to manage those breaks from your napping kid/baby to do your tasks and manage some time for yourself! After all the work you do, you deserve that break for yourself moms! never forget that!

5. Reduce your kitchen time

unless you lovvvvee cooking and its your favorite passtime , this option can save some time for yourself!

I am not saying every day, but some days you can cook simple recipes or quick meal or dinner and save some time and spend it doing something else. If you are completely into cooking and love to spend time cooking delicious recipes then just do what you love (after all that is our purpose – spend time doing what you love most to do) . But if you don’t like to spend much time in your kitchen then those quick recipes can rescue you and give a little more time for yourself to do what you actually love.

You can also do meal planning and meal prep for weeks, so that you can have more time in your hand through out the week. Or keep things prepared for meal, snacks and dinner in the morning while making breakfast and you can have time in the evening saved for yourself on that day!!

6. Make a monthly routine for your household chores

Household chores like cleaning the house and furniture or decluttering are done once in while. So make a monthly routine for these chores and you won’t need to struggle everyday to decide what to do first and what to do next. We spend a lot time over taking decisions and finally deciding what to do next so this whole monthly plan can solve that problem!

it might take some time to plan the whole routine but once you do it, you don’t have do it again. You can use it for every month with a little flexibility as you can add some seasonal tasks or remove some! But at the end you can get your work done without loading yourself to do it all in a day and save some time for yourself.

If you spread your work through a month and do a little everyday then you can have time saved for yourself.

7. Keep it simple

Declutter your house!! It will surely make your life simple!! And give you more time for yourself!!

with kids we are always overwhelmed by the clutter in our house. And almost every day we spend much more time in cleaning all that clutter. If you have noticed then there are so many things and stuff that we rarely or never use and we waste our time organizing them! Collecting such stuff that you never use and getting rid of them can save a lot of your time.

Less clutter means less work and less work means more time! since I have decluttered my house – I even got rid of my daughters toys that she rarely played with – I can finally manage to get some more time for myself and enjoy a book as my every day cleaning task is now easy-peasy and quick!!

With less clutter you can clean up your home easily and quickly and have more time in your hand for yourself!

8. Develop some good habits

I know when you have kids your lifestyle completely changes and you have to manage everything keeping your child in your mind. They become your priority and everything about them comes first. And because of this you also sometimes have to change your routine or postpone your plans.

Making some good habits and teaching them to your kids can make your life manageable and give you some time for yourself. Habits like putting your kids to bed early can give you some time once they sleep at night. And even after you have spent some time doing whatever you like to do you can go to sleep earlier than your every day time!

Habits like planning your day can give you an oversight about when you can have some time for yourself. Or habit of getting up early in the morning can surely give you time for yourself to enjoy the quietness of morning or pleasure of a morning walk ! These habits will definitely take some time to develop while having your kids around and dealing with their own different habits but once you manage to develop these habits your kids will adapt the change. And this will help to form a good discipline among your kids.

9. Ask for Help

I know what I am talking. I personally get very uncomfortable when it comes to asking some help from others! I like to be independent and it always holds me back when I try to ask for help and mostly when that help means to engage someone with my baby so that I can enjoy some time for myself! But over the time I’ve realized that there is nothing wrong in asking for help. Because we moms deserve that time for ourselves!

We work so hard for everyone in our family. As a mom its really difficult sometimes to have time for ourselves and get a break! We always put others first ( our kids and family) when it comes to our own enjoyment and indulging ourselves! We need that break! we need that time for ourselves to gain some energy and keep doing what we are doing!

So when you feel like you need a break don’t shy away or hold yourself back. Ask your husband or parents or parents-in-law, (whoever is available) to look after your kid. Or ask your friend to babysit your child (you can always reward them later with thoughtful gifts). And get that break! you can definitely be comfortable to ask your husband to look after your child for an extra hour. He’ll surely understand that you need your time. So just ask and go have a little fun!

10. Just go for it

Don’t think too much about spending time on yourself. Work will always be there to hold you back. Your babies and kids will always be there to make you rethink about spending time away from them. But self care is a necessity, its not selfish!

  • Just go for it and indulge yourself!
  • when you feel like you are exhausted – Go get a break!
  • When you feel you have had enough -Go get a break!
  • When you feel you can’t do it anymore – Go get a break!
  • When you feel you need a break – Go get that break!

Just go for it! Don’t think about anything else. You will sort it all later and it will be fine! Believe me, I always do this!

Being a mom is a tough job. So indulge yourself once in a while and be a happy mom so that you can be a better one too!!

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