Summer is almost here! It’s time to figure out snacks. Finding snacks that are both delicious and healthy can be a challenge for any mom. These 5 deliciously healthy snacks are sure to make you the mom of the year!

Butterfly Quesadilla Snacks

This is great for a toddlers’ lunch or for an older kids snack. Here is what you need to make it:

For the Wings

  • You will need tortillas and cheese.
  • Make a quesadilla and cut it into four equal parts, put two of them on a plate with the corners not quite touching in the middle

For the Body

  • You will need grapes, carrots, and blueberries
  • Get a handful of grapes and slice one side so they sit flat on the plate.
  • Place them in a line between the quesadillas halves.
  • Cut two thin strips of carrot and put them at the top of the first grape for the antennas.
  • To finish off this delicious treat, top the carrot strips with blueberries and serve.

Watch your kids not only enjoy the look of their snack but eat their healthy snack too! If you’re feeling spunky, try using a food marker to draw faces on your butterfly.

Banana Ice cream

Banana Ice Cream is any kid’s favorite. Not only do they get some ice cream, but they get a healthy fruit as well. Use frozen yogurt to make this treat an even healthier option. Your kids won’t know the difference. Here’s the recipe:

You’ll need

  • 3 large, ripe bananas (peeled, sliced, and frozen)
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon
  • ½ teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • pinch of sea salt.

Optional for added flavor: fresh fruit (chopped), chocolate chips, coconut flakes, or nuts/seeds whatever you prefer.

When you’re ready to make your ice cream

  • Take the banana slices out of the freezer and let sit until they soften (about five minutes)
  • Mix together the bananas, cinnamon, vanilla and salt in a blender until it becomes a cream like substance.
  • Pour that mixture into a bowl.
  • If you choose to add extra ingredients add them now and mix well.

Serve immediately and enjoy your kids eating healthy ice cream. If you have a play date planned, add your mixture to your favorite popsicle molds and freeze. Your kiddies will enjoy the frozen treat after a long afternoon of playing!

Snack bags

As moms, we all have a few tricks up our sleeves to help keep our sanity and one of those ideas is to make up snack baggies. This is much more frugal than purchasing pre-packaged snacks. These healthy snacks include fun craft time with the kids and they’re great to take on the go!

You’ll need

  • Snack sized zip lock bags
  • Wooden clothespins
  • Fuzzy pipe cleaners (cut in half)
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Two of your favorite snacks
  • Single wrapped string cheese.


  • Glue two googly eyes onto the smaller half of the clothespin. (The end that pins) set aside to dry.
  • Pick two of your favorite healthy snacks (example: grapes and goldfish) and fill the bag half and half with them.
  • Pinch the bag in the middle separating the snacks, this makes your butterfly wings. (add a twist in the bag if you feel the need)
  • Place the clothespin on the pinch/twist of the bag, creating the body.
  • Now use the two halves of pipe cleaner, fold them into the shape of antennae, and place them in the mouth of the clothespin.
  • Finally, put some glue on the rounded part of the string cheese and place the clothespin on top.

Wait till dry, pack up and enjoy your crafty, portable, healthy snack. For kids or adults, pre-portioned snacks is a great way to control your calories too.

Fruit Snakes

Trying to find a snack to hold the children over between meals? This is it.

You’ll need

  • Bananas and strawberries
  • Nutella, or your favorite frosting
  • Mini Chocolate Chips
  • Spur tape

For the body of your fruit snake

  • Slice bananas and strawberries to the same thickness and “glue” them together with Nutella or your favorite frosting.
  • Use a whole strawberry for the head of the snake.
  • “Glue” on mini chocolate chips for eyes and cut little slices of spur tape for the tongue.

If you’re feeling crafty

Try using whole strawberries to make mice

  • Cut two small holes on the top and insert sliced almonds for ears, mini chocolate chips for the eyes, and noses (attached with Nutella/frosting), and slices of sour tape for their tales.
  • Also, try making baby snakes with a few grapes “glued” together and mini chocolate chips for eyes.

Snack Tree

This is both the quickest and most simple of them all, and your little one can do it with minimal help. We all like to make our babies feel like they are “doing it on their own”, after all, it makes them feel proud of themselves.

You’ll need

  • Pretzels, various types to get creative
  • Grapes.


  • Use thinner pretzels to make the roots of the tree
  • Use thick pretzels for the truck
  • Use braided/twisted ones for the branches
  • Cut grapes of your choice in half so they lay flat (for leaves)

Let your child create their masterpiece, then gobble it down!

I hope these refreshing summer snacks can give you a few ideas and maybe help you come up with some of your own. Snack time can be fun, creative, time well spent with your little ones, healthy and delicious. Enjoy!

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