Fairy Gardens are the new trend this summer! Kids and adults alike are falling in love with the miniature world. I have seen many DIY fairy gardens, and in all honesty, no matter what DIY you follow, you will add your own spin to it! It all depends on the store you go to and what they have available. My family ventured into Walmart with one idea and came out with completely different ideas! Take a look at our DIY Fairy Garden for your porch!

Fairy Garden for your Porch

What you Need : When it comes to making a fairy garden, there are a few things you need to get you started!

  • Potting Soil: You need potting soil just as you would for any garden. We used the generic soil for only $1.97 at Walmart and it worked perfectly (garden section).
  • A small plant: Along with a garden means planting something in it. Find the smallest plant you can to go with your tiny world (garden section).
  • A Pot: This was where I had trouble finding what I wanted. The pots were deep with a small circumference, or they had a large circumference and no depth. I ended up using a serving bowl instead of a garden pot (home section).
  • Premade Birdhouses: You can probably find some miniature houses on places like Amazon or eBay, but we wanted to do our fairy gardens as soon as we could. So, we bought some 97 cent birdhouses for Walmart. You can find these in the craft section
  • Rocks for a Trail: I found small rocks that were perfect for a trail in the craft section. Look where the decorative jars, glasses, and vases are for these.
  • Stick on Gems: For a little more decoration and spunk, I found some inexpensive gems to stick onto the birdhouse and sprinkle around the fairy garden.
  • Fish Tank Pebbles: I found small pebbles in the pet section for fish. The pebbles were used to fill in the trail and add a little color. I chose white pebbles, although, you can choose from various colors.
  • Fish Tank Plants: Our fairy garden for the porch was too small to plant several plants in, so in order to make it look earthier, we added some fake plants. Small shrubs and plants for fish tanks work perfectly for this.
  • Paint: We already had paint (dauber paints). Remember to grab some paint if you don’t have any to paint your birdhouses. You can find this in the craft section as well.

Optional: If you want to add little things to your garden such as a swing, you can find many creative extras in the craft section. Add your own twist.

Steps to Creating a Fairy Garden

  1. Fill your pot with soil and plant your “real” plant. You want the soil to be right under the lip and packed tightly so it is level. Make sure you plant is well watered and the soil is nice and moist.
  2. Start decorating your fairy house (birdhouse). This is where your kids can get really creative. Let them decorate and paint their house any way they want. Add gems for sparkle, or pine cones for an earthy look.
  3. Continue working on your garden as the house dries. We added our rocks and pebbles to make walking trails, planted some fish plants, and made our pot look perfect while our house dried.
  4. Add your house: Once our little house dried, we added it to the mix and it became a fairy garden world!

Making a fairy garden for your porch is exciting for kids of all ages, and really simple to do. If you want to make a bigger world, look for larger pots. Tweak your DIY craft to your perfection. Remember, to keep your garden watered! Fairies like their world to be moist and full of life!

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