Kids are going to love these fun treats for Halloween, and best of all they are simple to make.

Fun Fall Treats: Orange Jelly Pumpkins

Jelly in orange rinds was something I grew up, especially for parties.   I don’t know what made me think of it, but as I was driving around the other day I suddenly had an idea to make orange jelly pumpkins with fun jack-o-lantern faces.   Of course I pondered on this for a couple of days because I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to make the faces, but then I found a fun pumpkin cupcake decorating kit at Target that was perfect for this.

What you will need:

  • Oranges
  • Orange Jell-O
  • Pumpkin Cupcake Decorating Kit

Begin by cutting your pumpkins in half.

Fun Fall Treats: Orange Jelly PumpkinsThen using a spoon, remove all of the pulp and pat your orange rind so it’s fairly dry.  Place your oranges in a deep dish, in muffin tins, or in cups.  The oranges need to sit perfectly still and not tip over.

Fun Fall Treats: Orange Jelly Pumpkins

Mix your jelly according to the package directions.  Pour into each of the orange rinds and very carefully place into the refrigerator until set.

Once the jelly is set, and right before you are ready to serve, add the pumpkin face to each.  The reason you want to add these at the last minute is that once they are on the jelly the bottom of the face may bleed just a little especially if the orange is moved around or tilted, you may find the face slides to one side leaving a little trail behind it.

Fun Fall Treats: Orange Jelly Pumpkins

I recommend serving these fun treats either in a muffin tin tray, or in individual cups such as white paper snack cups that you use for nuts at parties, which are stiffer on the sides than cupcake wrappers.

Fun Fall Treats: Orange Jelly Pumpkins

Are you making any fun Halloween treats?  I’d love to hear more about them if you are.

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