With Thanksgiving quickly approaching it’s time to teach children about being thankful and appreciate what they have and what makes them happy.

Here are 5 thankful crafts and activities for you to do with your children this Thanksgiving.

5 Thankful Crafts for Kids

Do these five thankful crafts for kids with your little ones!

Make a thankful turkey.  You can make this in a number of ways, either using a paper plate, a pinecone, a hand print, or a printable of a turkey.  Have your child add facial features or color in the turkey depending on the type of turkey you are making.  Cut out feathers from colored paper.  Have your child write what they are thankful for on each feather and then attach to the body of the turkey with glue.  My kids made these fun thankful turkeys last year in kinder.

Make a thankful tree.  Get out into nature for a family walk.  Collect sticks that are on the ground and place them into a vase or container when you get home.  Cut out leaf shapes from card stock and everyone writes what they are thankful for on the front of the leaf, and their name on the back of the leaf.  Attach the leaves to the trees either by hole-punching a hole and tying them on with ribbon or twine, or by gluing them directly to the sticks.

Make a thankful banner.  This is the perfect craft to use up scraps of paper, a paper bag, or even cardboard boxes.  Cut them into circles, squares, leaves, or anything else you want.  You can even trace around autumn-themed cookie cutters to make fun shapes.  Write things you and your family are thankful for on each cut-out.  Hang along the mantel, or on the wall using twine.

Make a thankful paper chain.  Kids love to make paper chains.  Cut strips of scrap paper or paper bags from grocery shopping.  Everyone writes what they are thankful for on the strips of paper along with their name.  Make a paper chain by looping all of the pieces making sure that the writing is on the inside.  On Thanksgiving take it in turns to pull a loop off the chain and read out what people are thankful for.

Make a thankful chalkboard placemat.  Head to the thrift store and purchase placemats, or alternatively use pieces of thin wood from the hardware store.  Paint the placemats or wood with chalkboard paint.  Place jars of chalk on the Thanksgiving table and while waiting for the meal to be served, or while enjoying appetizers, have everyone write what they are thankful for on the chalkboard placemats.

What are you thankful for this holiday season?

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