How taking care of yourself can make you a better & happier mom!!

Busy Mom Self-Care Ideas to Practice Today

Let’s face it mama… How often do you take care of yourself? Every day? Once a week? Once a month? Or may be you don’t even remember, do you? May be you think it’s not that important and a total waste of your time!! How can you waste your time when you have more important and urgent matters to take care of!!

But why do you neglect yourself in the first place? To be a good mom, a good wife, right? But mama, what if you’ve got it all wrong? Neglecting taking care of yourself won’t always make you a good mom, instead taking care of yourself can make you a better mom!! Yeah, that’s true!!

Let’s get a bit real here,

Motherhood is challenging !!

And to do that you require a ton of energy and a patient mindset! But it’s almost impossible to keep that patient mindset or your energy up to that level on a regular basis! There comes a time (at least once a while unless you are a superhuman) when you feel completely burned out and irritated even at the smallest sound from your kid!!

You might just want to disappear somewhere, be alone and spend some time being just yourself, doing what you actually WANT to do and not something that you HAVE/NEED to do just for once, don’t you mama??

This is a very natural feeling!! Don’t ignore it just because you think it’s an absurd idea or you feel the impossibility of this thought. Instead work on this thought/feeling and find some time to be yourself again! And you’ll see the amazing results after you’ve spent that time on yourself doing what you actually love to do, or eating a healthy meal or taking a good nap, anything that charges you up!!

this is nothing but the well known “self-care” you need to practice more often than you realize! This is the most important thing in your life in order to keep up with other important things in your life like family, children and work!!

It’s not selfish and it’s definitely not a luxury!!

After becoming a mom, we pay many casualties for this awesome and wonderful life with our kids we love so dearly. And one of them is – free time!!

No matter how much you love your children & being with them, you also crave for that free time to be yourself again, am I right?? I know I am, because I always, always crave for some me-time! Does this craving for the free time of your own makes you feel guilty?? Does it sound a bit (or may be a lot) selfish to you? It might but the truth is IT’S NOT SELFISH AT ALL!! And it’s definitely not a luxury, IT’S A NECESSITY!!

It’s as important for you as your nourishment from having your food or sleep!! Because as a mom, as a wife or even as a woman in the family, we always give, give & give but conveniently forget to fill ourselves up!! To be the caregiver of the family you first need to take good care of yourself! because unless you are the best version of yourself how are you going to give your best for your kids and family and work? It’s not only about you, it’s also about your kids and family!!

Think of it this way, – when you are pregnant, you take good care of yourself for your baby. You eat healthy food because you know it’ll provide nutrients to your little baby, you get enough sleep so that you can have a good mindset which you know affects your baby. You read, watch, listen to positive thoughts because you know it’s good for your baby!! You do all those things because you want to take good care of your baby, right?

But once the baby is no longer a part of your body, you easily forget the connection between how taking care of yourself can affect your baby!! The connection still exists!! You taking good care of yourself becomes you taking good care of your child!

It’s that simple!! To give your best you need to be at your best!! And to be your best you need a good sleep, regular healthy food, sufficient amount of water and some time of your own to do what you actually love to do!! In other words – you need to take care of yourself too!!

Wondering how it’s gonna you help becoming a better mom?? let’s see:

#1. It gives you patience

Patience is a high rated value in parenting!! You require a lot of patience around your kids!! And to maintain that level of patience is not a joke!! It’s a really tough job!!

It becomes even harder to have that much patience when you are feeling burned out or exhausted!! To deal with that burn out or exhaustion you need to take care of yourself. May be you need to take some rest, or may be you need some time alone and read a book, it can be anything which will make you feel refreshed or recharged and happy. Do that and fuel yourself.

After you are well rested you can definitely deal with your kids tantrum with a smile on your face! Or when you’ve given yourself some time of your own and enjoyed a book or whatever your passion/hobby is, you can play with your child for a longer time than usual and also enjoy that time for yourself!! Because you have increased patience now!!

Just a little time of taking care of yourself can work a lot and give you enough energy and a patient mindset to deal with the challenges of motherhood.

#2. Helps you stay positive

When you are well recharged you will feel ready for any challenge, any curve ball your life might throw at you! You get the positive attitude and it helps you to be on a good tone with your children. You stay positive while making your child understand how you can’t do something your child is asking for, instead of losing it and yelling at him!

You stay positive through the hardships of motherhood. And your positive attitude has it’s effect on your children. And they will learn this attitude from you because they are watching you… and that’s the 3rd reason of how taking care of yourself can make you a better mom!!

#3. Your children are watching you –  and want to be like you

Your children learn from you. If you want your children should take care of themselves then you should do the same in front of them!! You need to emphasize the importance of a healthy meal, or enough amount of water or a good book or any other hobby or passion, in their life by setting an example that you give importance to these things in your own life!!

It is as important as any other education!!

#4. If mom’s not happy – nobody is happy!

Of course you have heard this before! And it’s very true!

Whenever you are happy you are a better version of yourself and a mom! And who doesn’t want to be a happy mom, a better mom, right? A tired, annoyed and exhausted mom is not good for anyone!!

When you take some time for yourself and practice self care or do something that you love, it fills you up, gives you energy, fuels you enough and you feel happy. This happiness reflects through your behavior and makes everyone around you happy. You can have better conversations with your children, you can have better relationship with your family members. It all starts with you mom!

So from now on give yourself permission to take care of yourself, to have some time to do what you love! See How to make time for yourself through your busy mom life if you think you can’t make time for yourself or check out these 10 ways to make time for yourself! Give yourself priority mom, you deserve it!!

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