My 10-year-old daughter and I are huge Harry Potter fans. I just finished reading the entire series with her, and we have seen all the Harry Potter films together except the last one. If there’s a kid in your life who also loves Harry and all things Hogwarts, check out our list of the best Harry Potter gifts for kids, plus separate recommendations of the best Harry Potter gifts for girls.

My daughter helped me to compile this list, so all of these items have been preteen-approved. Plus, I’ve already done the research to make sure all of these gifts have good customer reviews (which, of course, are subject to change over time). Read on for my recommendations for magical gifts that will bring the world of Harry Potter to your young witch or wizard!

Best Harry Potter Gifts For Kids

Harry Potter Lego Sets

On my daughter’s Christmas list is this Hogwarts train set depicting the Hogwarts Express train used by incoming Hogwarts students, a kit to recreate the Whomping Willow tree from the hilarious scene in the Chamber of Secrets book, and the Great Hall lego set depicting the main common area for the 4 Hogwarts houses. Truth be told, I’m just as excited for her to get these so I can help her build these amazing structures, complete with mini-figures.

Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit

Kids seriously have the coolest toys these days. The tag line for this Harry Potter wand is “Learn To Code. Make A Wand. Make Magic.” You’ll need a tablet or computer to use with this toy. Kids 6 and up can create a whole new world with art, games, and music, plus they can master 70 different challenges.

I have to admit, out of my entire list of the best Harry Potter gifts for kids, this one is my favorite! In addition to being highly interactive and technology-based (two aspects your kid will love), this toy also brings your child right into the wizarding world while also teaching STEM-based skills that will continue to be in high demand for years to come.

Harry Potter’s Training Wand

If your Harry Potter fan is not into learning to code or you’re looking for something at a lower price point than the Kano wand above, then check out this wizard training wand. This wand teaches kids 11 different spells that the wand can recognize by the type of movement it senses. It was a 2018 National Parenting Product Award winner.

Hogwarts Robes

Kids can use these for Halloween, for playing dress-up around the house or wear them to a Harry Potter-themed party. You can even save a ton of money by buying robes for your family before going to Universal Orlando where they sell the robes for $99-$125! The most popular is the Griffindor robe, which would work for anyone wanting to dress up as Harry, Hermione, Ron or Ginny. You can also get a Ravenclaw robe, Slytherin robe, or Hufflepuff robe, depending on which house is your Harry Potter fan’s favorite.

Harry Potter Jigsaw Puzzles

New York Puzzle Company makes Harry Potter themed jigsaw puzzles that range from 100-1000 pieces in a variety of different scenes.

We have a 300-piece puzzle, but it’s pretty difficult and my daughter lost interest halfway through. I love jigsaw puzzles, but in trying to complete this Hungarian Horntail puzzle with my daughter, I even thought the puzzle was a tad too challenging.

I would suggest sticking with a 100 or 200 piece jigsaw puzzle unless you have a hardcore puzzle fan on your hands or a kid who is 12 or older. I would suggest the Enchanted Car 100-Piece Puzzle or the Hippogriff 200-Piece puzzle.

Harry Potter 3D Puzzles

I know I mentioned puzzles already, but I thought these amazing, 3D puzzles deserved their own call-out. Choose from many different sets, including my favorites The Burrow and Diagon Alley.

Harry Potter Metal Figurines

My daughter got these figurines for her birthday and loves bringing them to school to play with her friends during recess, lunch, and after-care.

Griffindor Tower for Figurines

This Griffindor tower is on my daughter’s wishlist. It would go great with the figurines mentioned above.

Harry Potter Board Games

Pictopia is a picture trivia game. The HP-themed Pictopia includes questions from all the Harry Potter movies, as well as Fantastic Beasts. You can also get a Hogwarts-themed Clue game, and the World of Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit.

Harry Potter Card Games

If your family prefers card games to board games, you can buy a set of Harry Potter playing cards that use the Hogwarts houses instead of traditional suits such as diamonds and spades. Also available are Harry Potter Uno cards featuring the series’ most beloved characters.

Writing Accessories: Journal & Quill Pen

I love the metal crest and built-in bookmarks in this Gryffindor Journal. It would go great with the Feather Quill Pen Set, which includes ink to write with.

Spell Book

You can also get your wizard-in-training this HP Spell Book.

Harry Potter Stuffed Animals

What Harry Potter fan wouldn’t love a stuffed owl like Hedwig or their own Fawkes Phoenix or Buckbeak Hippogriff?

Lunch Accessories

Buy the HP-Themed Thermos Water Bottle & Hedwig Owl Lunch Bag to make lunchtime at school more magical.

Funko Pop Figurines

Funko Pop has a large variety of options for their figurines, including Harry, Hedwig the Owl, and Dobby the House Elf.

Bertie Bott’s Jelly Beans

I would suggest only buying 1 box of these oddly-flavored jelly beans that are straight out of the movies. Included are flavors like booger, dirt, and grass…. mmmm. Great for a game of dare or as a stocking stuffer!

Complete Collection of Harry Potter DVDs

My kids received the entire collection of HP DVDs and it’s nice to be able to pop one in anytime to watch, whether at home or in our van on a long trip. This complete set of DVDs is a great price for the entire collection. Don’t worry if your Hogwarts fan has already seen all of the movies, every Harry Potter fan I know wants to watch the movies over and over.

Complete Collection of Harry Potter Books

If you’ve only seen the movies, I highly suggest you take some time to read the book series that inspired the films! In my opinion, this is the best series of books that have been written in recent times. I truly think JK Rowling is brilliant for the way she included what seemed like the tiniest details into the resolution of the series in the final book. Depending on your child’s attention span with chapter books, you could start reading this aloud to kids as young as 6.

Harry Potter Inspired Socks

There are many different patterns and styles, and even socks with Harry Potter quotes and sayings. See some of the sock options here.

Harry Potter Mug Or Tumbler

Personally, I’m a big fan of Tervis tumblers. They can be washed in the dishwasher, look great, yet won’t break when dropped. They also keep your hot liquids hot and your cold liquids cold. But there are many options of HP items you can drink out of.

Quidditch Christmas Ornament

Give your Hogwarts fan a keepsake they will cherish every holiday season with this quidditch ornament.

Wizard Chess Set

Play the classic game of chess with this miniature, detailed version of Wizard Chess.

Harry Potter Gifts For Girls

Hermione Granger Doll Outfit

If your giftee is into American Girl-sized dolls, check out this Hermione Granger-inspired outfit for 18″ dolls.

Harry Potter Art & Coloring Books

There are lots of different types of coloring books available, including a Scratch Magic book, and a variety of coloring books We have the white and gold coloring book pictured here, which we purchased at Universal Orlando.

Harry Potter & Owl String Art

This string art kit is a fun creation and is great for kids 10 and up.

Hedwig Slippers

Warm and cozy owl slippers that look just like Harry’s owl, Hedwig.

JV Jacket With Hogwarts Crest

This adorable Hogwarts inspired jacket comes in 4 different colors.

Hogwarts Wallet

Get this chic, quilted wallet for the fashionista on your list.” alt=”” width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ data-src=”″ data-jpibfi-post-excerpt=”” data-jpibfi-post-url=”” data-jpibfi-post-title=”Best Harry Potter Gifts For Kids” data-jpibfi-src=”″ />

I hope this gave you some great ideas for the Harry Potter fan on your gift list this year. Are there other Harry Potter gifts that you would recommend? Leave me a comment below.

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