Difference between Smoker and BBQ Grill

If you are a foodie, vocabulary like Grill, Smoker, and Barbecue must be common terminology for you but just in case, you are not, this article about the difference between Grills and Smokers will educate you!

Grills and Smokers are two different cooking units that end up giving two completely different flavors to the food. If you are confused between choosing a Grill or a Smoker, it may come down to personal preference, but here are a few distinctions to think about.

Difference between Grill and Smoker


As the name suggests, a Smoker will give a tremendous smoke-filled flavor to your food while a grill will provide that grill taste to die for in a Hamburger or a hotdog.


The grills use direct heat to cook food, unlike Smokers. It makes the internal temperatures of a grill go as high as 400 degrees as or even more than that. These kinds of high temperatures are perfect for small cut meats like chops, steaks and chicken breasts.

On the other hand, the internal Meat Grill Thermometer in a smoker can range from 160 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit which is perfect for cooking a best-smoked turkey, fish, vegetables, and cheese. Most of the meats can be smoked perfectly between 200 to 220 degrees.

Cooking Technique

How you cater to food also differs in case of a Grill and Smoker. In a Grill, one needs to turn the food often to prevent it from burning. Since direct heat is used to cook food.

The smoker uses indirect heat to cook food, so it is not necessary to turn the food often. The indirect heat ensures slow and complete cooking of the food while adding more flavor to it at the same time.

Appearance and Design

The external design of a Grill and Smoker can be the same, but they are very different on the inside. In case of a grill, food is cooked on the grates so that direct heat can also apply to it.

A smoker has two different chambers-a cooking chamber and a fire chamber. The heat does vent into the cooking chamber from the fire chamber which makes the entire process slow, but the results are full of flavor.

Preservation of food

The best-rated smokers are also great for food preservation. The preserving of food can go through the process of hard smoking where a lot of salt does use during the process of smoking. which is done at very low heat until all the moisture of the meat finally disappears. It is not possible with a grill.

There are a lot of options that are available in the market today ranging from cheap BBQ smokers to best BBQ smoker grill. Then there are cheap electric smokers and best value smokers as well. But what is best for you will depend on what are your taste preferences and also what is your budget.

Pros & Cons of a Smoker

Most of the smokers use the same design that has a wood chip basin and a water basin. While the wood provides a smoky flavor to the food by producing smoke, water or sand is used to stabiles the internal temperature of the smoker. Even though these smokers are easily available, one can choose to make one at home too. You just need to type ‘how to make a smoker’ and you will get approximately fifty videos for the same.

The process where the food is cooked, flavored or preserved using the medium of smoke is called Smoking. The smoke can be from any of the smoldering materials such as wood, gas or charcoal. The process of smoking is performed using the smokers that are available in different types such as charcoal, gas, wood or electric. While gas and electric smokers are quite easy to use, charcoal and wood smokers are the school old smokers that give a perfect, authentic barbeque flavor to the food. More and more people are also looking on to how to make a smoker themselves.


  1.  The food gets a great smoke
  2.  Since the food is cooked at low heat, it is tender and full of flavor.
  3.  Electric smokers can be used for convenient and easy smoking since they are easy to use.
  4.  The use of top-rated smoker grill gives an authentic barbeque flavor to the food.
  5.  Since smokers involve extended slow cooking, there is no need for frequent tending to the food.
  6.  Smokers are easy DIY projects. You can simply search ‘how to make a smoker’ videos online and make one for yourself, right at home.


  1.  Smoking food is one of the longest methods of cooking food when compared to grilling or other methods of cooking. It is very time-consuming.
  2.  It is not very easy to control temperatures in a smoker that can end up in food either getting overcooked or left undercooked.
  3.  While electric smokers are easy to use and do not require much tending, use of wood smokers or charcoal smokers actually requires more tending to.
  4.  The safety of food can become a concern.
  5.  It is important to use a meat thermometer to check if the meat is cooked perfectly or not. This means the absence of a meat thermometer makes smoking incomplete.

Apart from choosing the best smokers for meat, choosing the best wood for smoking is also extremely important as it can have a great impact on the final taste of food. There are some types of woods that are suitable for a particular kind of food. Then there are others that are suitable for other kinds of food.

Smoking food does not only enhance the flavors of food. It is also a great way to preserve food that has been used for centuries and by several cultures around the world. Smoking is cooking food for an extended period at extremely low temperatures.

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