In this post, I’ll be sharing 18 of the best holiday gifts for girls. I worked with my 8-year-old daughter and my best friend’s daughter to come up with a kid-approved list of gift ideas. I hope this gift guide for 6, 7, & 8 year old girls will help you find the perfect present for the young girl on your shopping list, whether for Christmas or a birthday.

Every year for Christmas, my oldest daughter starts out with a list of 15 or more items on her wishlist. And every year I remind her that she might not get the toy she really wants if her list is too long.

It’s quite the opposite with my younger daughter. A couple of weeks ago, I asked all 3 of my kids what they wanted for Christmas. All my daughter could think of was a set of Legos. My first thought was, That’s It? My next thought was, Wow, I’m impressed that she’s so unconcerned with gifts this Christmas followed by a smile and reveling in a proud mama moment for a minute.

But it’s hard to buy for someone who doesn’t give you at least a couple of ideas about what they want. So I asked Vivian again what she wanted for Christmas and she replied, ” I don’t know”. Hmmm…

Then one day we received a Christmas Toy Catalog in the mail and I finally got what I had been asking for. The gift ideas were unleashed as all 3 of my kids circled toys relentlessly for an hour, putting their initial by each toy they wanted.

So now that I’ve already shared ideas for 3-5 year old boys, 8-12 year old girls, and Harry Potter fans, I’m back today with a Gift Guide that my daughter and my best friend’s daughter helped me to create based on the toys they have and love, and the toys that are on their wish lists.

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Best Gifts For Girls (Ages 6-8)

I’ve done the work to filter out any toys with less-than-stellar customer reviews. For more product details, just click on the red text or the product image.

Arts & Crafts Gift Ideas

1. Art Table

My friend’s daughter loves art and received this art table as a gift. This is a great gift for the artsy, creative girl in your life, and comes with a roll of paper to get started right away on new creations. It also comes in 4 different colors.

2. DIY Craft Kit

You can find “make-your-own” kits for a variety of items including gumball machines, jewelry, and picture frames. This DIY bath and body kit could also be considered a STEM toy since it’s essentially a science experiment where girls learn how to mix things in the right proportions and follow the directions to make items they can actually use!

3. Shrinky Dinks

Remember making shrinky dinks as a kid? I didn’t realize these were still around! Take a step back in time and get creative with your giftee. This 68-piece Shrinky Dink Set includes colored pencils and the pieces to make jewelry.

STEM Gifts For Young Girls

4. Lego Sets

I love these Lego Friends sets. My daughters have a set similar to Stephanie’s House, the first set shown, but I also really like the Friendship House, with its tree swing, slide, and even a hot tub! This toy serves triple-duty, with STEM concepts being used to identify the right pieces and put the set together, learning how to follow written instructions or figure it out from the images, and pretend to play with the included figures once its set up.

5. Marble Run

My daughter has had a marble run on her list for the past 2 years. We had the chance to borrow one through our library’s toy lending program, and my kids loved it. This Marble Run by Marble Genius encourages STEM skills as kids build their perfect marble structure. I love that it also comes with clear, see-through pieces.

6. Circuits

We’ve had this set of Snap Circuits for 3 or 4 years now and both of my daughters (now ages 6 and 10) can put them together with ease. My younger daughter can set down with the instruction booklet and create a running circuit all by herself. This is a great STEM toy!! Kids can create a fan, an alarm, a radio, and more. This toy has received multiple awards, including Dr Toy’s Best Educational Products award.

7. Logic Game

I play this logic game with the kids when I volunteer at school. The kids have a lot of fun with it! I appreciate the critical thinking it encourages in the children to figure out how to move the cars in a logical way to solve each challenge.

Fun Toys For Girls

8. Pikmi Pops

Young girls love to collect Pikmi Pops, but some of them are so expensive for what you get! I found this cute light-up unicorn plush for a reasonable price for girls who love unicorns. The new Cheeki Puffs perfume set is also very reasonably priced and is a hot item in their lineup this holiday season.

9. Hatchimals

Similar to Pikmi Pops, young girls love to collect Hatchimal toys. What girl doesn’t love when you cross a cute llama with a magical unicorn? Although a bit pricey, this rehatchable pink or purple llamacorn would make a fantastic gift. She can grow up to 32″ tall and is interactive.

10. Hair Chalk

My daughters have this set of hair chalk and have had so much fun decorating their own hair, as well as each other’s hair. And don’t worry, it washes right out.

11. Little Live Pets

As you can probably guess, this line of toy pets focuses on creating a real-life experience for your child. They have birds, bears, unicorns, and my daughter’s favorite, the My Kissing Puppy. We tried to convince her that she can just cuddle and kiss our real dog, but she still wants this interactive puppy that kisses, licks, wags its tail, and closes its eyes when it sleeps.

12. Rocket Play Set

My daughter is huge into learning about planets and the solar system. This playset from Playmobil has it all for kids who love space shuttles and astronauts.

13. Fingerlings Hugs Animals

My daughter has a small version of the Fingerling Monkey and would love to add this larger Fingerling Monkey to her collection. Not only is he cute, but he also laughs, giggles, and gives kisses.

14. Flip Zee Dolls

My daughter got one of these dolls for Christmas last year and loves to cuddle with her at night. The model shown below is the Zandy Candy doll.

Classic Toys For Girls

15. Lite-Brite

I used to love playing with my Lite-Brite when I was little. It seemed so magical with the colored pegs and the lights. The new versions are not made quite as sturdy as the one I remember having, but these are still a big hit with kids.

16. Retevis Kids Walkie Talkies

What kid doesn’t love walkie talkies? These walkie talkies have a range of 9000 feet and include a flashlight for use in the dark. They also have great reviews and a 90-day warranty.

17. Bucket Stilts or Steppers

A great option for getting some energy out while practicing her balance this winter. Even better, these bucket stilts come with 2 sets, so have her invite a friend over or share with a sibling.

18. Jenga

This is another game I remember being one of my favorites as a kid. My kids love to play Jenga on family game nights. This is a great addition to your kids’ game collection. For even more fun, get the giant version, which even comes with a nifty storage case!

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