Lesson plans for preschool children are an important part of having a preschool focused in-home daycare. If you are looking for preschool teaching ideas to supplement your stay at home mom income, here are the resources you need.

Preschool – what a wonderful age group! For many stays at home moms, this age provides an opportunity to spend time with your little ones while teaching them the building blocks of life. If you are considering starting a home daycare, you may find that creating a preschool program is an exciting option.

Preschool doesn’t have to be set up just one way either. You could offer a preschool program with lesson plans for preschool children to those in your care who are old enough, or your daycare could be open only to preschool-aged kids.

Some stay at home moms even like to offer preschool classes 2-3 times a week, offering more flexibility in their personal schedule. This also helps them stay at home mom income. The Daycare Starter Kit can help you figure out the basics, such as setting up a preschool schedule consisting of educational instruction, arts and crafts, songs and games, snacks, and dramatic play.

There are lots of websites designed to help make finding lesson plans for preschool children easy, too.

Educational Instruction and fun with Arts and Crafts

The phrase “educational instruction” sounds like serious business, and for school-aged children, it can be. For stay at home moms starting a preschool program, it’s something else entirely.

Lesson plans for preschool children need not be formal or intensive but fun, hands-on activities meant to inspire a love of learning. To get some preschool teaching ideas, think back to the basic things you learned as a kid: ABCs, colors, numbers, and shapes.

And of course, don’t forget the finger paint! For stay at home mom income, most lesson plans for preschool children include those very things and are fun to teach and learn. For more preschool teaching ideas, consider the following websites:

This fun website has lots of lesson plans for preschool children. It provides printable worksheets for various activities and has a great section on arts and crafts. Which is great for your stay at home mom income.

Enchanted Learning
Enchanted Learning has a lesson plan for every kind of preschool activity you can imagine. Not only does it cover the basics of a good curriculum with its endless supply of educational lessons and crafts, but also has preschool teaching ideas for science and nature, too. Definitely worth the annual fee!

ABC Fun and 123
ABC Fun and 123 is a great, inexpensive, 26-week curriculum designed to organize and give a step by step guide to lesson plans for preschool children. With its weekly lesson plans, free printable worksheets, and craft activities, you’ll be sure to get lots of preschool teaching ideas.

Ed Helper.com
You’ll find lesson plans for all age groups here, in addition to lesson plans for preschool children. Lots of printable worksheets are available and an annual fee does apply. Which is something to consider on a stay at home mom income?

Everything Preschool
This site contains over 30,000 preschool teaching ideas separated into over 100 themes, 26 alphabet areas, and lesson plans. It’s perfect for the stay at home mom in search of preschool teaching ideas and a stay at home mom income!

A to Z Teacher Stuff
This teacher-created site is designed to help anyone find lesson plans and teaching tips for a variety of age groups. With over 1000 lesson plans available, you are sure to find exciting lesson plans for preschool children, fun songs, and games, too.

Preschool Express
Preschool Express was created by Jean Warren and designed to help stay at home moms, teachers, and even grandparents, find fun lesson plans for preschool children.

Best known for her rhymes and songs, Jean Warren’s Preschool Express provides free lesson plans for preschool children covering a wide variety of themes and activities.

Gayle’s Preschool Rainbow
Interested in lessons that provide preschoolers with choices? Check out Gayle’s Preschool Rainbow. There are tons of great preschool teaching ideas to be found here, along with craft activities for the holidays and simple songs.

Preschool Rock.Com
Is there anything more adorable than a young child engaged in a craft project? Preschool Rock.Com offers crafts galore that can keep your preschool friends busy for 15 minutes or five hours. This whole site is dedicated to crafting projects just for preschoolers.

Making Friends.Com
This site also has craft activities for preschool-aged children. One of the nice things about Making Friends.com is that each lesson comes with a supply list to help you get organized! Which comes in handy while on a stay at home mom income.

Oriental Trading Company
Now that you’ve found so many amazing lessons, you’ll need supplies. Buying for multiple kids can get expensive. A company that offers lots of materials, as well as, ready-made crafts, is Oriental Trading Company. Everything you can imagine can be found on their website and the best part -it’s cheap!

S&S Worldwide
Still searching for supplies to help with your lesson plans for preschool children? Take a peek at S&S; Worldwide. They offer great deals on art supplies and have a wide variety of materials to choose from! Remember: preschoolers love to get messy and create things. You’ll have a great time exploring with them all of your new preschool teaching ideas!

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