I have some secrets. In fact, I have 8 Secret Amazon Prime tips that I think you should know. Being a single mother, I tend to always find a reason to shop.  I find myself doing a lot of shopping on Amazon, and using Amazon Prime because I can get my orders within two days. They deliver on Sundays – which is insane, and sometimes you can even get same day delivery for free. This is really convenient for me when I need something that day, but don’t have time to run out and grab it. Makes life super simple.

Amazon Prime has everyday conveniences, which usually come with a price, but truthfully it is worth it.  But for a $119/year membership (or less than $10/month), you can get an Amazon Prime membership that will not only make all of your shopping dreams come true but so much more!  Plus right now you can get try Amazon Prime for 30 days for FREE.  Just click this link to get your Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.

Other than quick/free shipping is there any other benefits of Amazon Prime?  Well, of course, there is silly rabbit, that’s the whole purpose of this post.  Check out these 8 Secret Amazon Tips that you should know.

Prime Reading.  This is a feature not everyone knows about, but you can read over a thousand books for free on any device when you have an Amazon Prime membership.  This is so great for avid travelers, who can download free books and magazines before flights.  This is also great for the kids, Prime Reading features educational and fun books.  #TheBoy loves the fact that he can read his favorite Marvel Comics on his Kindle.  The Little Diva in Training, enjoys reading her Disney Descendants books. Mom enjoys the fact that the books are free due to my membership.  This is a win-win people.

Offline Downloading.  Here is another great perk for travelers or simply for anyone who loves binge-watching TV shows or movies.  Go to the Library icon on the Amazon Video app and hit “Refine” and then filter by the “On Device” option.  All downloads are stored in the folder on the app.  You can also watch the show’s or the movie’s page too.  I use this a lot when I am traveling, this way I don’t have to pay for WIFI or use my data on my device.  Oh if you know my kids you know that offline downloading is a life saver for me.

Prime Now.  No one else does it quite like Amazon when it comes to fast service. Like, in 2 hours!  This part of the Prime membership offers delivery in 2 hours in over 25 metro cities. This is such a great perk if you are on the go or on a trip and forgot an item and need it fast.  I used Prime Now when I was in Orlando for the Disney Social Media Moms conference.  I ordered my stuff as I was waiting for my luggage, got to my room and my items were already there.  It’s a quick, convenient, inexpensive way to get groceries and goodies while you are traveling.  Plus save $10 off of your first Amazon Prime Now order when you use coupon code 10PRIMENOW at checkout

Access to Deals.  Here is where all Prime members have immediate access to early deals that are called Lightning Deals.  Typically Prime Members get a 30 Minute head start to the savings.  This is super convenient, especially during the Holidays.  Prime Members can grab those special holiday gifts before they sell out.  Not to mention, Prime Day is an exclusive day that is just for members to shop great deals and all the dates are listed on the Prime Day’s main page.

Music & Videos.  With Amazon Prime, you get unlimited music with close to two million songs.  Also, a discount is offered to other music streaming service, Music Unlimited. One of the best perks of Amazon Prime membership (besides the free 2-day shipping) is the Prime Video streaming.  Here you get access to tons of movies and TV shows, commercial free.  The extensive library of popular shows and movies to either rent or purchase is astounding and rivals Netflix for sure.

Photo Drive. You can get unlimited storage for your photos with an Amazon Prime membership with Amazon Photos.  This is the best spot for an extra backup of your family photos from vacations and favorites you don’t want to risk losing.  There is a “Family Vault” feature that you can share and even order copies of prints from any time. 5G of free storage is also available on the cloud with Amazon Drive.

Credit Cards & Points.  Now here is a super perk you have to know about and if you don’t already, now is the time to convert to the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card. Here you will earn points and five percent back on Amazon and two percent back at gas stations, drugstores, and restaurants – all along with no annual fee.  When you build up your points, you can redeem them for Amazon online purchases and you also get tons of travel benefits too.

Prime Pantry.  Amazon Prime members can receive access to this amazing service where you can buy household items and have them delivered directly to your home.  Again, in 2 days!  Shipping is free as long as you are buying five or more qualifying products and you will also get tons of coupons and discounts on items that are available in the Amazon Pantry. Prime Pantry is an alternative to Prime Now, and it is perfect for those who don’t have Now available in their area.  So if you are planning a trip and the area you are visiting doesn’t have Prime Now, just plan ahead a little bit and use Prime Pantry as an alternative.  Saves you time, money and trips to the store.

Have I convinced you that you need Amazon Prime?

Well, I have one more secret perk to share.

Are you a college student?  Well, let me share this Amazon Prime deal exclusively for College students. Enjoy a FREE 6-MONTH Trial of Amazon Prime for College Students which includes,

* FREE two-day shipping on textbooks and tons of other stuff

* Deals and promotions exclusively for Students

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