Everyone knows the tooth fairy, right? She comes to our children’s rooms, takes their teeth somewhere (but who knows where?), and then leaves money on their pillows. But who is the tooth fairy anyway? I recently discovered a company that is defining the tooth fairy in such a positive and captivating way with a dual mission of entertaining and spreading kindness.

The Real Tooth Fairies world offers families the complete tooth fairy experience, and a lot more. Not only can kids finally KNOW about this mysterious figure who comes to their room 20 times, but they can now play in her world. Girls get matched to their Real Tooth Fairy – there are 6 tooth fairies, not 1 – and my daughter loved meeting her tooth fairy for the first time. When she entered the world, she made an avatar doll of herself and entered her very own hotel suite to decorate in the royal fairy castle! As a parent, I was thrilled to see that this tooth fairy world is one that encourages my daughter to believe in herself with character-building content like 20 Lost Tooth Virtues and the Every Kindness Counts program.

Three things I love about The Real Tooth Fairies:

Printable Magic Letters to and from the Tooth Fairy

Printable Magic Letters to and from the Tooth Fairy
Magical Tooth Fairly Letter

My daughter was thrilled to discover that, on the website and also on the free app, she could send messages to her fairy. She sent the first message to Twinkle, her Real Tooth Fairy, when she lost a tooth – and, with my permission, Twinkle delivered a letter to her pillow that very night! It was personalized to her and she couldn’t believe that she could message her tooth fairy whenever she wanted – and that the tooth fairy would actually answer! Since then, she has messaged Twinkle about everything from being proud of a goal in soccer to having trouble with a friend in school. I love that Twinkle’s letters are personalized to speak to her personal situation and that my daughter is getting positive advice and messages from someone besides me!

Character-building Activities for Girls

Character Building Activities for Girls

Every Kindness Counts

There are lots of activities for kids online, some that just entertain and some that actually have an impact on a child’s character and education. When my daughter told me that her Real Tooth Fairy wanted her to do kind acts in our family, I couldn’t believe it!  The Real Tooth Fairies offer a program called Every Kindness Counts where kids are encouraged to do kind acts at home and in their community, and the tooth fairy encourages them as they move up 8 Kindness Levels.  My daughter picked out her first kind act on her own (writing a grateful list and putting it on the fridge), and it was really inspiring as a mother to see her so excited to do something so giving! From there, I went online with her and we picked out her next kindness: playing with her little brother. This is not normally her favorite activity, but after she did it, she ran right to the computer to tell Twinkle about it.  It’s not everyday that an online world leaps into real life like this in such a positive way!

Fun Online Flash Games for Girls

Fun Online Flash Games for Girls

Fun Online Flash Games for Girls

While, as a parent, I’m obviously excited about any brand that encourages positive values in my daughter, she’s more excited about playing the girl online flash games in The Real Tooth Fairies magical world. And she is happy to spend a lot of time there! Whether it’s decorating a message to her fairy on the app, dressing up her MeDoll in one of her 4 dress-up closets, or playing the flying unicorn game, or making her Lost Tooth Garden with the How To Brush Webisode, my daughter loves spending time immersed in this magical world.

If you haven’t already, definitely check out www.TheRealToothFairies.com, or search for them in the App Store.  Losing a tooth will never be the same again!

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