Free printable Tooth Fairy letter for girl or boy

The Tooth Fairy is a busy little fairy. She travels the world, slipping sweets under children’s pillows in return for their teeth, and she does so without disturbing anyone. Talk about ability! However, because she does so much work on her own, she occasionally needs a little assistance from her parents to truly deliver the magic.

Make your child write a note to the Tooth Fairy thanking her for the visit. You can even leave a reply for them to find the next morning. Naturally, the letters must be Tooth Fairy-sized, so make a small piece of paper for your message. You can also use paper and tape to build a little envelope. Or, on Etsy, you can find some cute, tiny envelopes perfect for Tooth Fairy notes.

When my tween daughter went in for her dentist appointment this summer, I learned that she had lost the last of her baby teeth! As we begin this next stage, I hope that the wonder and happiness of magic will continue. Although I’m sentimental about leaving the past behind, I hope to share the importance of making the most of these traditions while you can with these free tooth fairy printables on Enjoying Family Life.

Free Tooth Fairy Printables for Parents & Teachers

Today, I’m sharing free tooth fairy printables that both parents and teachers could use. To download, click on the image. Then, you can download and print.

To parents with younger children, remember to enjoy these moments! They will pass quickly.

If you’re here as a teacher, know that the time you spend making these traditions special matters! Second-grade students look forward to visits from the desk fairy because they could earn special treats for their desks being clean. Losing a tooth away from one’s parents can be a stressful experience, but with a special classroom tradition, children can feel more comfortable.

First, this colorful tooth fairy certificate can commemorate the special occasion of losing a very first tooth!

These next two can be printed and cut to be used on multiple occasions. With eight to a sheet, they work well for a classroom since teeth are bound to be lost there from time to time. Also, for parents, a pretty note like this left under the pillow might be more memorable and special than cash, or you could tape a coin to it.


I like that this next variety comes in different styles so each one can be a bit different from the next.

Finally, this one makes a great sticker! Print onto sticker paper, and as a special treat, the child can wear the sticker all day to make the exciting occasion known to all around them.

Include Teeth-Friendly Gifts

Of course, children love finding money beneath their pillows, but you could also want to include some smile-related items, especially for the first tooth. Include items that promote excellent oral hygiene, such as a cool toothbrush, tasty, kid-friendly toothpaste, new dental floss, and a timer that alerts kids when their two minutes of brushing are up. When these items come straight from the Tooth Fairy, children may be even more eager to use them.

What are your tooth fairy traditions?

Hopefully, these Tooth Fairy ideas can make your child’s teeth loss a happy and thrilling experience. Share in the comments below!