The public transportation in the city of Austin is provided by the Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority and in the form of buses, metro rails, and streetcars. In addition, there is an Amtrak station that connects Austin to other stations by rail. The intercity bus services are provided by the Greyhound Bus Services and there are a number of US Highways, Interstate highways and Tollways crisscrossing the city. The air traffic is looked after by the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

A visitor can enjoy a number of free activities in Austin, some of which are listed as follows:

The East 6th Street, originally known as Pecan Street, is one of the oldest streets in the city of Austin in which tourists can visit the historic sites and indulge in shopping during the day time and enjoy live musical performances and events held during the night. Individuals who are eager to explore the multicultural aspect of the city of Austin must visit this place although they are firmly advised to leave before the breaking hours of dawn.

The Congress Bridge in the city is an important landmark and is home to a large population of bats who slumber during the day and embark on their nocturnal adventures as soon as the sun sets and darkness envelopes the city. There are approximately half a million bats who reside under the bridge and they are estimated to consume at least 10,000 to 30,000 pounds of insects between them.

The Elisabet Ney Museum is the former home of the renowned German sculptress Elisabet Ney who immortalized many of the Europeans and Texan heroes by making their busts and statues and keeping them around in her workshop which she referred to as Formosa.

The Austin State Cemetery is the tranquil resting place of some of the great names associated with the city of Austin like Stephen F. Austin and Barbara Jordan. This picturesque 18-acre cemetery also houses the graves of the 2200 veteran soldiers of the Confederate Army along with an information center for visitors.

The Texas Memorial Museum features a large collection of artifacts that have been important findings in historical and anthropological research along with dinosaurs and rocks. The museum focuses primarily on the natural history of the state and on the facts surrounding the New World as well.

The Harry Ransom Center is home to the original Gutenberg Bible which was created in 1456 along with musical compositions and manuscripts of Beethoven, Galileo, and Hemingway. The other noteworthy attractions are a book library, the first-ever photograph taken and theater art pieces.

The Live Oak Brewing Company is the location where the Live Oak brands of beer namely the Big Bark Amber Lager, the Live Oak Pale Ale and the Live Oak Pilz are brewed for commercial reasons. Legend has it that two enthusiastic brewers traveled to Prague to learn the classical method of brewing and ultimately developed their own technique which made use of decoction mash, open fermentation, and secondary laagering to brew rich malt-flavored ales and lagers.

The O. Henry House Museum served formerly as the residence of the author William Sydney Porter and was constructed in 1891. The house is decorated with photographs, personal belongings, writing desk and the original furniture of the author along with his collection of rare books including the famed ‘The Gift of the Magi’. The added attractions are a gift shop full of books, videotapes, writing clubs, and sponsorship of some local events.

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