Are you struggling with brushing your kid’s teeth? My firstborn was a struggle let me tell you.  But I learned a few things. Maybe these suggestions might help you:


Don’t we mothers (or daddy even) sing a lot to our children? If you’re like me, I prance around the house and sing a lot. I know, rather insane, but the kids seem to enjoy it. *wink*

While you get the toothbrush ready, sing about it to them. Make up a song as you go. I always ended up with “Brush Brush Brushing our teeth lalalalalala”  Original isn’t it?  haha

Make it a game

Here comes the toothbrush, can you open your mouth and catch it?  Oh good! How long can you let me brush one side of your mouth?

…etc etc.  Maybe not the funniest game, but make it exciting.  You can reward accordingly.  Maybe not with sweets, but with a special book, TV time, etc.

Brush YOUR teeth

Be a good example and make sure you are brushing your teeth too. But not only that, do it in front of your child as much as you can. Get everyone involved.

I liked to have my husband brush his teeth in front of our oldest, as my son liked to emulate his daddy.

It shows them how it’s done and shows them that it’s not only the kids that have to brush their teeth too.

Let them try

After or before you take control of the brush to give them a good scrubbing, let them brush their own teeth from time to time.

(Both my boys like to do their own teeth, but we only let them after we’ve brushed them a bit. It’s good practice for when they are older and have to brush on their own)

Stick to it

Don’t give up. Keep trying. In time they will brush their teeth. If you keep a routine and don’t back down in time they should comply.

I hope these help you in your quest to get your kids to brush their teeth.  One thing I have learned, if you get your oldest on board, your younger ones will follow suit. At least that is how it is in our family.

My youngest just about every time he enters the bathroom says “Tee tees” meaning he wants to brush his teeth. He’s completely loving it, why? Because his big brother brushes his teeth each night after a bath too. Yay for having an older child as an example.

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