If you think a twin with a choppy mullet and his brother with short, back and sides make for a successful hair salon visit, then think again! If you think a 15- month- old on your lap, bopping and weaving the sharp shears is fun, then think again! And if you think I’m walking out of the salon with half a hair cut, then you win the prize, because that’s exactly what we did!

Monday was the only day I had free to take the kids to get their haircut, and the kiddie salon we used for their first haircut was closed. Bummer! So I decided to try a salon that I thought delivered great adult hairstyles. Big mistake. I guess adults just don’t need Mickey Mouse on the TV, a toy area and a fun car to drive to get the perfect hairdo. Well take it from me, it’s much easier for all involved in this fun “extras” are available for your children, and here is why:

1. Experience

In an adult hair salon, you can get your kids hair cut, but mostly they cut adults hair, day in and day out. I know from personal experience that they actually do a good job on adult hair. Kids hair, well according to my recent twin study, is that you have a 50/50 chance of a good hair cut. Gamble much?

2. Behavior

Let’s face it, adults are generally on their best behavior at hair salons. I even get dressed up for my hairdresser – ok, maybe that was before the kids! Apart from a little gossip, not much misbehavior goes on in the chair. Well, kids are different! They might just sit quietly as Tyler did, with a few curious glances here and there OR they might put on quite the show as Mark did: batting at the scissors, crying and moving his head and body constantly.

3. Be Prepared

Misbehavior may or may not happen, depending on the child, but it’s best to be in an environment that is conducive to your client. The kiddie salon we went to on our first very positive experience had a play area, many cars to choose from so you can drive while they style, and a little TV or DVD player at each station. My boys were so amazed by it all, that before they knew what happened, their hair was cut and styled and we were out of there. This time they got my boring old lap, my iPhone and a patient hairdresser that kept saying “oooh, this might not happen today”, every time Mark cried or protested in some way.

4. Know the Dance Steps

At our first haircut experience (kiddie salon), the boys were good, but they still moved around as they were curious about what was happening. But the hairdresser had rehearsed and rehearsed her dance steps, she knew how to move with the boys, and cut at the same time. At the “big kid” salon, the hairdresser would abruptly stop each time Mark moved, which was a relief to me actually since I’d rather leave with the two kids that I came in with.

As Mason was crying, we stopped and switched to Tyler who was able to sit and get his hair cut. We then had to break for lunch with Mark having only had the front of his hair cut. We stopped to buy some distractions from the book store on our way back to the salon.

Our second attempt was only slightly longer, and she managed to cut a little bit off the back, and some bits here and there, so we ended up with a choppy mullet. A cute choppy mullet, if I may say so myself!

5. Positive Experience

Even though we got out of there with our goal somewhat completed, it was a stressful experience for parent and child. Mark was crying, I was a little stressed afterward, running out of the door.  I believe the hairdresser was also a little frazzled, she kept shaking her head and saying “he just has soooo much hair!”  I know where that comes from! I know the hairdresser tried her best, she was able to cut Tyler’s hair (although I had to cut off some stragglers when I got home). I am sure she gave an adult an amazing hair cut that day.

And after the kiddies salon, we all left with smiles on our faces! It was a very positive experience. So until the kids are a little older we are sticking to what worked best the first time – the kid salon, land of perfect dance moves, high technology, toys, and FUN!

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