One Shape Is That Of Smart Ones, Other Of Unique Individuals! Find Out Yours

According to physiognomy, which has been present in Chinese culture for centuries, a person’s character can be determined through their outer appearance, especially the face. In this article, we’re going to focus on the ears. Namely, take a look at the different types of ears, associated with different types of character:

Small earlobes

These people rarely take initiative first and aren’t very responsible

Big earlobes

People of strong will

Pointy ears

People who have a hard time to control their temperament, not very generous, and sly at times

Wide middle region

Skeptics, nervous and timid individuals

Small ears

People who are always busy with resolving some issues

Big ears


Thick ears

People with a rich life experience

Big and think ears

Lazy people

Attached earlobes

Skillful planners and born leaders

Protruding ears

an original thinker who dislikes routine-they want to be on the move all the time. Office jobs are the least suiting for these individuals.

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