We all occasionally struggle with what to do with our children’s bed head, right? You don’t have time to completely throw them back in the bathtub, re-wash them, and then get them re-dressed. Here are some fast, cute ideas you can do for both boys and girls that your kids will be begging you to do over and over.

For the Girls

When it comes to bed head with girls, sometimes you just don’t know what to do. Here are a few simple tricks to tame that wild bedhead.

Put their Hair in Piggy tails

Piggy tails are an absolute must style for your young girls. At a certain age, we all grow out of the piggy tail stage, but while it lasts, you want to take advantage of it. For a sweet and innocent look, add two piggy tails on either side and add a couple bows.

Whale Fountain Hairstyle

This one was an easy one my dad always did, and I loved it! Just one simple ponytail on top of the head. It should kind of look like a whale blowing water out of its spout when you are done. The best way to accomplish this look is to put the ponytail as high up on the head as you can get.

Kiddie Bun Hairstyle

Buns are cute on any age of girl. They are just as easy as a ponytail. They key to the perfect bun is putting your child’s hair in a ponytail and wrapping it around the ponytail in a bun. This style is perfect for summer weather as it helps keep the hair off of the back of the neck.

Put Unruly Hair in Braids

There are so many different kinds of braids you can do including a french braid, fishtail, and just a simple braid. Some braids are more difficult to do, but just a simple braid with the bangs braided into the rest of the hair will always leave a classy look.


Pony Braid Hairstyle

A simple way to do a braid is the pony braid. After you put the hair up in a ponytail, braid the ponytail. Pinterest has some awesome DIY pictures for this cute updo. For a little more class, wrap the braid around the ponytail for a braided bun look.

For the Boys

What about for the boys? Just because they have shorter hair doesn’t mean they don’t want a little style! Here are a couple cute and simple hairstyles for the boys:

Add to the Bedhead with Spiked Hair

The new style these days for boys is the spiked hair look. Boys are always a little easier to fix than girls are. For a spiked look, get some dome gel such as Aussie spray gel and spike it up. For curls, add a little gel for flawless spirals.

Add Some Funk with a Fohawk

One of the easiest styles and most popular right now is the Fohawk. The style consists of slicking their hair down on the sides and the back, then, push the rest of the hair up towards the top of the head. The hair by in the middle is going to be spiked like a mohawk, hence the term “Fohawk.” This style does work best with unwashed hair and some gel or wax!

Send that bedhead back to bed with these incredibly cute summer styles. What other ways do you tame your child’s bedhead? We would love to know!

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