Powder Dip vs. Acrylic Nails

Powder dip nails have been the new kid on the block for a while now – you’ve almost certainly spotted the little jars of powder on your manicurist’s table, and maybe even considered dipping your fingers in… But before taking the plunge, Nails Redesigned, who specializes in acrylic and powder dip nails, is here to help answer the question we’re all asking: which is better, acrylics or powder dip nails?! Is there a difference? Is it time to wave acrylics goodbye with a perfect set of powdered nails, or are acrylics an oldie but a goodie?

First Things First: How Are Powder Dip Nails Different To Acrylics?

Believe it or not, the powder used is actually just powdered acrylic, the exact same materials acrylic nails are made from, which is why they’re often called ‘diet acrylics’. Your natural nails are dipped straight into the powder, any excess is brushed off and the layer is set with a coat of protective clear varnish. This process is repeated two or three times and then sealed with a clear gel top coat.

Time Is Money

It takes me 1 hour and 20 minutes to apply a full set of acrylics whereas because the dip system is applied directly to the natural nail, the whole process only takes up to an hour. So if every minute counts (or your lunch break is only an hour) then powder dip nails will get the job done faster.

Money Is Also Money

Unlike acrylics, powder dip nails can’t be infilled as they grow out so they have to be removed each time. Whilst a set of acrylics will set you back more money initially, infills cost less than a full application of powder dip which levels out pricing over time. In short, there isn’t much in it so just pick your fave!

Damage Control

Acrylics notoriously can leave natural nails a bit of a wreck when they’re removed (we’re talking weaker and flaky.) But when we asked if powder dip nails were the answer to our prayers she explained that it isn’t the acrylics or the powders damaging your nails – it’s your nail tech OR it’s attempting to remove extensions DIY style at home! Both powder dip nails and acrylics don’t do any damage to your nails, but they do need to be removed professionally in a salon by a skilled nail tech.

All About The Aesthetics

According to Nails Redesigned, both acrylics and acrylic powder are perfect for shaping the long nails of your dreams, and they’re both equally good bases for nail art, so no need to have nightmares about boring nails! Something to bear in mind with acrylic powder, is that the results on your nails might not be exactly the same shade as it looked in the powder jar. This is because it’s a pigmented powder so color will vary slightly depending on how many layers are applied.

Keeping It Real

Because powder dip nails are created out of so many layers, they can often end up a lot thicker and bulkier than acrylics; acrylics tend to look and feel more like natural nails as they’re easier to file into natural looking shapes. That said, acrylics can be made to look as natural or as fake as you like – whatever vibe works for you!

The Verdict

Now you’ve got all the info it’s time to make your decision – to powder or not to powder? If you’re so busy bossing it that every minute is precious and you’d rather keep changing up your nail color than get infills, then powder dip nails are the ones for you! If you prefer a more natural aesthetic for your cat-like claws or have a specific vision when it comes to nail colors, then stick to your acrylics! But the real moral of this story is that whichever you choose, both acrylics and powder dip nails will give you the talons of an absolute Queen when done by a truly talented Beauty Pro.

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