Fun Mommy Daughter Day Ideas

Date Ideas for Mom and Daughter

Having some one-to-one Mommy and Daughter time is not only important, it’s also a lot of fun. With the fast-paced lives we live these days it’s sometimes hard to slow down and really appreciate quality time with our loved ones. With work, running errands, meeting the needs of a family, keeping the home tidy, cooking, and helping with homework, it sometimes seems as if there isn’t any time left in the day! However, having a Mommy Daughter Date every now and then can allow the two of you to bond and reconnect with some dedicated time together.

What is a Mom Daughter Date?

A Mommy Daughter date, is quality time spent with Mom and Daughter. You can do absolutely anything. The key is, to do something together and to enjoy each other’s company. Mommy Daughter Dates are the ideal way to have some fun one-to-one time with your daughter. My post is for a Mommy Daughter date but to be honest you could enjoy plenty of the activities below with your son too! The same rules apply, kids love time with their Mamas!

My daughter absolutely loves spending time with me. She doesn’t care a great deal about what we do, she just wants some time with Mommy, without anyone else, with no interruptions, and all of my attention. We have had some really fun dates together. Days out, days at home, an afternoon or evening here or there.

The dates don’t have to cost a lot or even involve doing a lot. Simply hang out with your daughter and create some great memories. Check out my list of Mommy Daughter date ideas, some of which we have enjoyed ourselves and some which we’d love to do!

Mommy Daughter Date Ideas – At-Home Dates

1. Movie Night

Grab some popcorn and other snacks and enjoy a movie at home. Snuggle up under a blanket for a cozy and relaxed evening in!

2. Do Each Other Make Up

Get all of your makeup out and let your daughter enjoy having her makeup done. Let her do yours too for some added fun.

3. Coloring

Grab a couple of new coloring books, especially for Mom-Daughter date day. There are some pretty good adult coloring books out there these days too.

4. Baking

What kid doesn’t love a bit of baking? You can get really creative with the decorating too. Either, try a recipe you’ve been wanting to try for a while or if you’re not much of a baker, grab a cake mix or cookie box and go for an easy recipe.

5. Mani-Pedis

This is a fun activity to do with your daughter for a Mommy-Daughter date. Go all out, if she wants each nail painted a different color, go for it. If she wants glitter on top, go for it! You could even let her decide how she would like to paint your nails too! This is great if you haven’t got anywhere to go for a couple of days so she can enjoy looking at you, enjoying her masterpiece for a few days!

6. Read Together

Make yourself a cozy den or corner of the room and read some books together. If she’s at an age where she can read lengthier books, you could start a novel and take it in turns. Roald Dahl’s books are a favorite in our house at the moment. If you don’t feel like reading, why not try an audiobook instead?

7. Games Night

Grab all of her favorite board games and card games and have a games marathon. Include a few snacks and you’re all set for a girl’s games night.

8. Girls’ Dinner

This is a brilliant option for a Mom–Daughter date! You could even go all out and get dressed up, order a takeaway, or even better cook a meal together or make the dessert. Set the table and have a lovely girls’ dinner and talk the evening away!

9. Play Dress Up

My daughter loves to get all of my dresses and costume jewelry out and dress up. It’s a lot of fun and you could even let her choose what you should wear too.

10. Play With Toys

Kids always love it when you sit down with them and get involved in their play. Grab her favorite toys and play with her. Be it, playing with Lego sets, Barbies, or train sets. Have her take the lead and let her enjoy her day playing with her Mama!

11. Afternoon Tea

Pull out a teapot, and cups, and put out small cakes, finger sandwiches, and scones. Get dressed up and have some afternoon tea.

12. Pamper Afternoon

Grab your robes and slippers You could buy some face masks or use natural ingredients you have at home.

13. Talk

This is the perfect opportunity to find out that little bit more about your daughter. If you need any fun conversation starters you could always try something like Would You Rather questions, you can buy a book with a load of questions and have some fun explaining your answers to each other.

14. Indoor Camping

We all love a good sleepover! Get your tent out, build a den, pull out the sleeping bags or simply put some mattresses and blankets in the living room and go “camping”. If you are brave enough you could camp out in the garden. Don’t forget the snacks though. Camping wouldn’t be complete without s’mores!

15. Make a Vision Board

Making a vision board is a good way to get an in-depth insight into her heart’s desires. See my post The Importance of a Child’s Wishes for some question prompts and how much it helped us to connect on a deeper level. You’ll end up with a collage of what you and your daughter would like to have or places you’d like to visit. You can enjoy spending the next year or so ticking off the different items that you end up with too!

16. Arts and Crafts Day

Paint, draw, stick. Have a look for some craft ideas depending on the time of the year. This could be seasonal, or holidays that take place throughout the year.

17. Binge on a Netflix Series

A lot like a movie night, we love to sit for an hour or two and watch our favorite child-friendly series together!

18. Start a Project Together

If there’s something you’ve been wanting to start together, a Mommy-Daughter date is an ideal time to get started on a project. It could be anything from making dolls’ house furniture to researching her favorite singer.

19. Play Hairdressers

My daughter loves to do my hair! Take it in turns to do each other’s hair.

20. Have a Party

Put on some music and dance the evening away! Make up a routine together if you’re feeling adventurous.

21. Have Breakfast in the Garden

Have a special breakfast together in the garden. It’s a great way to start the day.

22. Write a Story

Write a story together. You could even make it into a book and draw some pictures to go with it.

Mommy Daughter Date Ideas – Days Out

1. Theatre

Check out some child-friendly shows at the theatre and go for an afternoon date out. You could start with some lunch or end with dinner for the perfect day out.

2. Cinema

A trip to the cinema is always a big hit with kids. Grab some snacks or take some from home for a cheaper day out.

3. Dessert Parlor

Kids love dessert! A trip to a dessert parlor could be added to a pretty normal day to make it extra special. I picked up my daughter from school a couple of months ago and asked her if she fancied having dessert for dinner! The look on her face! She was so excited, not only to find out we were going for dessert but also because we were having it instead of dinner and it was even more special because it was just the two of us!

4. Restaurant

Go to her favorite restaurant for lunch or dinner or even breakfast if you can! This quality of one-to-one time will feel really special to her. If you can, find a really child-friendly restaurant.

5. Picnic

Plan a picnic, go shopping for it together and prepare all of the food together. She will love being involved in the whole plan and execution.

6. Toy Store Trip

You can have a lot of fun browsing toys and if you go to a really good one there will be plenty of toys on display to try out and play with as your browse. With a toy store trip, it’s of course, a nice idea to allow them to buy a toy at the end of it.

7. Visit Another City

Go for a road trip to explore some local attractions in another hill country city. You could have a day trip or even book a hotel and spend the night.

8. Bowling

Go to your local bowling alley for some fun. You could even grab some food to enjoy afterward.

9. Local Attractions

Research some fun attractions in your area. It’s especially interesting if you can find something that isn’t available to go to all year round. An event that’s on for a month only feels a little more exclusive

10. Swimming

Grab your swimsuits and go for a splash! Even better if you have a waterpark nearby for some added excitement!

11. Library

Have a free Mommy-Daughter date at the library! Have some fun exploring the library and finding some new books to enjoy. You could spend some time reading in the library and taking some books home for both of you to enjoy.

12. Open Bus Tour

If you have an open bus tour in your area, go for a ride. You’ll learn some interesting facts about your area and your daughter will love sitting on the open top. They usually have kids audio for the children to listen to, so they can understand at a better level for them.

13. Local Beauty Spots

Explore some local beauty spots. Go for a walk, take a picnic and just enjoy the fresh air with your girl.

14. Bike Ride

Go for a bike ride. You could have a destination where you will continue your date or it could be a round trip back home. Either way, some fresh air, and exercise will have you feeling great!

15. Theme Park

One of my favorites on this list! Visit a theme park! There’s so much to do, it’s exciting, it’s a packed day and you’ll both have lots of fun.

16. Museum

There’s a lot to explore in Museums and some are free, which is even better. Find one nearby and go and have some fun exploring your findings. They often have treasure hunts and other activities for the kids too.

17. Craft Place

Do some research and see if you have any companies that allow you to do crafts. I had a fun crafts afternoon with my daughter and my Mom, creating button art. We had a lot of fun creating our art to take home.

18. Farm or a Zoo Trip

A trip to the farm or zoo is a lot of fun for kids. You can have some hands-on experiences too such as collecting hens’ eggs at the farm or feeding the giraffes at the zoo.

19. Arcade

For an afternoon of games, head to an arcade for plenty of competition, bright lights and kids running around excitedly! This is somewhere she will likely love, especially if you both win some prizes!

20. Ice Skating

Ice skating can be a great bonding activity, especially if she’s not completely comfortable on the ice. Helping her to grow her confidence on the ice can be very rewarding for her.

21. Fruit Picking

Pick fruits at a local farm and go home to enjoy! You could make a day of it and follow by using some of the fruit in your baking!

22. Trampolining

Go and burn off some energy together jumping around at a trampolining park. You could even try some synchronized trampolining together!

23. Go to an Adult and Kids Class

See if there are any adult and kids classes that you can take together. This could be a one-off on a date day or something you even end up going to weekly if you enjoy it.

Final Word

There you have it. With so many date ideas for a Mommy and Daughter Date, you will definitely find something that could suit you and your daughter!