How to Choose the BEST KINDLE for Moms

I love to read stories!!! Well, who doesn’t?? You do too, right? But do you find it difficult to read a book while your baby is around and you desperately want to save your book from the hands of your cute little book lover?? Well, then moms, Kindle can be your new best friend!!

When it comes to reading, the medium has never bothered me. I love reading paperbacks and I love reading on my kindle device! I really don’t want to compare these two mediums because each one has it’s own benefits and drawbacks but still, I love both of them!!

Most of the time I really can’t resist myself when I see a book with it’s appealing beautiful cover ( and a good story of course! ) and just go for it. And still, many times I find myself preferring my kindle over my books when it comes to the convenience of a device like a kindle!! But I enjoy the stories as the same with both the options!!

But here in this post, I am not comparing books vs kindle. I just want to share my thoughts about how a kindle device can be more convenient for you if you are a mom who loves reading!!!

Books have always hypnotized me with their feel and the smell of the pages which a kindle device can not provide but after becoming a mom, it became impossible to read my book around my daughter who was ( and still is ) always eager to do whatever I did and in that process never failed to tear the pages of my precious books!!! That made me think ten times before I decide to even grab a book !! I almost stopped reading because of my little daughter!!

But then I had the free kindle app on my mobile and suddenly I realized that I can read books on the kindle app!! I loved the experience and announced to my husband that I wanted a kindle device as my birthday present!!

Well… That is one of the best birthday presents I’ve ever received!!

When I explored the world of kindle e-books I realized there are many reasons why kindle device can be a good choice for you too if you are a mom who loves to read!!

#1. You can read a book while your baby is around ( and not worry about the pages being torn!!)

That is the greatest benefit of kindle device I can think of!! Because…. come on…. we love our books and can’t bear even a scratch on them !!

Does the idea of reading a book around your baby terrifies you?? Do you let go of the thought of reading a book even before you grab the book? Do you think you won’t get the chance to read your favorite books until your kid is 5 years old???

Don’t worry then, kindle has got you mom!! You can absolutely enjoy a book on the kindle device while your baby is playing around you. Isn’t it really great? You don’t have to wait for your baby to be asleep before thinking about reading your favorite books.

#2. The books cost less on kindle ( Most of them!!)

What can be more exciting when you can buy the same book for less price as an e-book than the actual paperback??

Well, many e-versions of the paperbacks are cheaper than the hard-copy. Though there are books that cost more as an e-book than a paperback but still chances are the book you want to read can cost you a little less on a kindle store!! And sometimes the price difference is really considerable!! Hence you can buy two e-books at the price of a single paperback!!

#3. There are A LOT OF FREE BOOKS available on kindle!!

Who wouldn’t love it if you get books to read for free??? Kindle gives you thousands of options for free books to chose from! And if you are a fan of classics, then woot woot, good news for you – Classics are free on kindle!!

There are free books form almost all the genres and many of them are a good read!! All you have to do is chose the book from the list and it’ll get downloaded within seconds and you can read it instantly!! Awesome, isn’t it?? No need to get up and go to the library or bookstore to actually have that book in your hand. And when you are a mom you probably don’t have that much time and energy for the trip to a bookstore!! Kindle really saves you there!!!

#4. You can practically carry your own library + the kindle book store with you wherever you go!!!

Oh my god, it’s always been difficult for me to decide which book to take with me whenever we are going somewhere!! The options are always limited as I have all the baby stuff that fills my whole bag!! How to carry those extra books when I really don’t want to keep them back on my bookshelves and leave them behind!!

But kindle solved the problem!! I can now literally carry my whole library with me and I don’t have to choose the books to take with me!! Plus the Kindle bookstore is always at my fingertips if I want to read a new book!! So I practically carry my kindle library AND the kindle book store with me wherever I go!! It makes reading on vacation (with your little baby ) all easy and more enjoyable!! Kindle is truly my new best friend!!

#5. You can read a series without pause

When it comes to really good series, I can’t literally wait to read the next book from the series, and it’s not easy for me to find the time to go to the book store to buy that book when I have a little baby to deal with!!

On Kindle, it’s no more a problem, as I can buy the next book in the series the next second I finish the current book!! It’s downloaded within seconds and I can start reading immediately! That’s like a blessing!!!

#6. It’s really convenient

Reading on a Kindle device is really convenient for all the above reasons plus many more.

The books in your kindle library won’t wear and tear. They will stay safe and fresh and you don’t have to worry about their condition after a few years!!

You can read in dark at night without disturbing your sleeping baby or your husband. It’s easy to read at night with the lighted case or the models of kindle device with a back-lit screen and enjoy a quiet time reading your favorite book without annoying anyone!!

You can read the books on any device – your mobile, your tablet or laptop in case you forgot your kindle at home or while your kindle is being charged !! Once downloaded, all the books are available for you to read on any device with the free kindle app!! That’s absolutely helpful!!

There is a built-in dictionary if you will be going to need one. It makes reading really easy.

You can read any book without being judged! In many situations, maybe you don’t want to reveal what you are reading publicly and as kindle doesn’t show the book cover while you are reading, you don’t have to worry about being judged!!

It saves paper!! And hence the trees!!! Making it an environment-friendly device.

Like this, there are many other benefits of having a kindle device and experience reading differently!! And especially for we moms who love to read, kindle can be our new best friend!!

Do you own any kindle device? How do you like reading on kindle? I would love you to share thoughts on this and how you manage to read books around your little one?

I hope you too love your kindle devices and find it easy to read books while dealing with your kids!! And if you don’t have a kindle yet, then just get one for you or get the free kindle app and enjoy the books !! I’m sure you’ll find it more enjoyable !!

Happy reading :)!

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