I laugh at that part in Crazy, Stupid, Love. whenever I see over-40 dad Cal (Steve Carell) meet up with Ryan Gosling’s (“Jacob”) very hot (and nicely dressed) character for a makeover. It’s extra funny to me because my 40-something husband has that same exact outfit that Cal has on when Jacob makes him over.

All the way down to the white tennis shoes that Jacob throws off of the balcony.


Look, I’m not really putting down my husband. My, er, “fashion style” (if I can even call it that) has been lacking a lot lately. But, I think there are easy ways that dads can spruce up their wardrobe with little pain. Check it out.

Fashion Finds for Fathers

We know you probably don’t care about fashion week or what’s on the runway, but here are some trends you can rock and still feel fabulous at and over 40. (Yes, we really did just say that.)

Men Over 40 Fashion : Casual Night (or, Beer with the Boys)

Baseball jackets are back in, but throw out that one sporting the logo of your favorite team. (Sorry.) Instead, look for suede or leather and pair it up with a comfy tee (no stupid sayings, please), jeans and some casual loafers. Don’t forget those hot aviator sunglasses! (Oh, PS? Please stay away from the super slim jeans and very fitted t-shirts. For the over 40 crowd, they’ll look like you raided your college kid’s closet. Yuck.)

Men Over 40 Fashion : Date Night Dressing

Date night doesn’t really mean dressy. Those same jeans you wore for beer with the boys can easily transition over to hand-holding with your honey. Just add a sweater, button-down shirt or even a shirt, vest a tie to a jacket and your jeans are good to go.

And, for the love of all that is good, stop tucking everything in like it is 1989.

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Men Over 40 Fashion : Business Dressy and Formal

Remember, things are much more casual in business than when we were in our 20s. So, most of the work force isn’t sporting a suit and tie any longer. However, there may be times when you have to go for the gold and get decked out in a suit–just be sure it isn’t the one that’s been hanging in your closet from your 1992 college graduation. Also, if you have to go formal, you can’t go wrong with the traditional black evening jacket and white shirt, just wear the updated cuts which are a little more form-fitting. (But, dude, you’re over 40. Again, don’t go for those super slim cut suits. You’ll thank me later when you see yourself in pictures.)

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