Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Whether you’re hosting the meal at your house or bringing some pitch-in dishes to someone else’s house, it’s important to consider that there will probably be at least one person there with special dietary needs like diabetes. However, having special food dishes doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice flavor. Check out these tasty Thanksgiving side dishes that we found, and most of the guests won’t even consider them diabetic recipes! (We won’t tell if you don’t tell!)

Diabetic Side Dish Recipes

1. Sweet Potatoes and Apples

2. Stuffed Zucchini

3. Roasted New Potatoes, Fennel, Garlic, and Asparagus

4. Oven Roasted Green Beans

5. Carrot-Mushroom Stuffing

Do you have any favorite Thanksgiving side dishes that would classify as diabetic friendly?

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