Whether you’re planning to work as a nanny during college with the intention of transitioning into another career after graduation, or are faced with finding another line of work due to economic downturns that have affected the number of available posts, there are several career fields that those with experience as a nanny may adapt to more quickly than those without such experience. Here are 10 jobs that former nannies seem to take to more easily than others.


Young adults with an education major may find that securing work as a teacher is easier with a resume that boasts nannying experience. Also, working as a nanny can help aspiring educators learn the ins and outs of child behavior and development in an active working environment, rather than relying on textbooks and a short-lived student-teaching stint.


Nannies and nurses go hand-in-hand, and many parents love to hire former nurses and nursing students as nannies due to their medical and first aid knowledge. Working as a nanny also helps those students understand the concept of triage and working under pressure firsthand.


As any nanny with older charges can attest, childcare providers are often forced to wear many hats. One of the roles that nannies frequently find themselves thrust into is that of a counselor, which can be invaluable for those who plan to work as such after completing their degree.

Household Manager

While nannies are almost always responsible only for household chores directly relating to childcare, a promotion to the title of “household manager” can be a very lucrative one, indeed. Household managers typically handle all childcare responsibilities, in addition to the preparation of meals for the entire family and the handling of household matters for busy professionals. Workers in these roles can demand a significantly higher salary and larger benefits package; starting out as a nanny is a great way to transition into this position.

Elderly Care Positions

One thing that nannies and in-home elderly care providers have in common is that both positions are based on compassionate care. Becoming a nanny while pursuing certification for in-home care of adults is a great way to get a feel for working, and perhaps living, in someone’s home while catering to their needs and adhering to a routine.

Providing Private Instruction

Nannies with abilities in the humanities may find that transitioning to providing private instruction in areas such as art, music, or other similar areas is particularly easy, as they already have the requisite experience with children.


Schools that place a strong emphasis on athletic programs often employ qualified coaches that aren’t teachers, especially in the private-school sector. The regulations governing teacher certification in the private sector are quite different from the requirements for those working in public school systems; as a result, private school instructors aren’t required to hold the same degrees, and coaching positions are often open to individuals that do not teach traditional academic classes.

Nanny Agency Administration

Working in an administrative or managerial capacity at a nanny agency is generally much easier for those with previous field experience. Transitioning into one of these positions can be quite simple for those with the requisite clerical skills or a willingness to learn them.

Day Care Center Management or Ownership

Working as a private nanny almost always entitles someone transitioning into public daycare roles to a higher salary and job title than entry-level employees. Moving up the ranks in an existing daycare, or even opening your own center, is certain to be easier for those with previous nannying experience than for those without it.


Working as a nanny can be a form of practice parenting, helping you to understand which methods you do and do not agree with, what works best for you, and what parenting style will best suit your future family. The hands-on experience with infants and children can also help to reduce some of the terror of becoming a parent for the first time, which is almost always more difficult for those with no previous childcare experience.

The skills and experiences that nannies acquire over the course of their careers can be applied to an almost infinite number of other jobs; the patience and ability to think on your feet and be adaptable are invaluable in any field, but definitely required for survival as a nanny.

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