Fine Motor Activity & Sensory Play with LEGO

My children love playing with Lego.  As you can probably tell by looking at my houseImagine this scene:

The children are gathered around their newest creation.  Happily oblivious to the destruction in their future.  A child looks up.

“No!  Stay away!”

What could it be?  What could illicit such terror in a 7 year old.

Is it chores?

Is it homework?

No, it is…the baby!  That’s right.  The adorable little ball of cuteness that leaves Lego houses looking like a shell of their former selves.  Roofs will be thrown, walls will be torn down.  No Lego creation is safe.

Legos Fine Motor Practice

What’s a mom to do?  Apparently it is unacceptable to play with Lego on a table.  No, the floor is the only place to play.  Perhaps they get their creativity from the uncomfortableness of the hard wood floors?  Who knows?

In trying to find a solution to this dilemma, I ask myself an important question.

Can Babies Play with Lego?

Let’s start with Duplo.  That’s clearly safe.

Since her interest seems to be in destruction, I put several Duplo on a crater plate for her to pry off.  Will it work?  Will it distract her from her siblings’ creations?

Oh, yes! Unfortunately, she was able to pull all of them off of the crater plate within a few minutes of having put them on.


But what’s this. Her sibling has noticed her playing. After a quick tutorial from Mommy, the game continues. One child puts the Lego on and the baby takes it off.

Older children can play with Lego in peace and I am one happy momma.

The Fine Motor Play Evolves

It didn’t take long before the Duplo were just too easy to pull off.  I have started using regular sized Lego.  I have found that if I make a wall she will also take apart the wall.

This does require a bit more observation on my part since she enjoys putting the small pieces in her mouth and then looking at me gleefully. Oh, yes, she knows exactly what she’s doing. There are enough large Lego to create an interesting enough fine motor skills board without me worrying about her eating the pieces. But, what can I say, I live on the edge.

What creative ways have you found to occupy your children?

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