How Dad Can Keep the Lines of Communication Open with His Tween

Do you want to get to know your tween daughter better, dads? Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling. You’ll be surprised how easy it can be to communicate together.

It can be very hard and frustrating for a father when trying to connect with his tween daughter. The little girl that was once his little princess is now a tween drama queen. As a girl begins to mature, many fathers feel out of touch and do not know what to say or discuss. However, there are many ways to keep the lines of communication open.

Father-Daughter Date Night

Consider having a father-daughter date night. You can take her out for a night on the town. Enjoy a fun dinner, watch a movie, or do some shopping. It is often best to do something fun first to get the conversation going before dinner. You can learn a lot about these outings as far as what your daughter thinks is cool or is interested in.

You could alternate and each pick the outing location and activities. If you do, you can both share things you like and build a higher appreciation for each other’s tastes. You can also find many community sponsored events geared specifically to dads and daughters. You might attend a father-daughter dance or simply go for a local seasonal event together.

Share a Hobby

You might try finding a hobby you both enjoy. If you have a tomboy, you might consider restoring an old car or learning wood projects together. A girl might think it is pretty awesome to learn how much dad can teach her to be independent. If your daughter is not into all that “guy stuff,” you may have to learn some new hobbies.

Consider putting together a music night where you and your daughter can learn a new instrument together. You never know, it might just become a family affair. Consider that there may be things your daughter can teach you as well. If you are not computer savvy, your daughter could teach you some new things in that area, or she might be able to teach you to text if that is not your forte.

Take a Trip Together

In today’s age, tweens are often as stressed out as their parents. Many kids start to worry about college and grades in middle school. For this reason, you might consider a trip away with your daughter to help you both de-stress. It can be something as simple as a camping trip, or as grand as a huge adventure to a famous destination.

Consider what your child enjoys and the life lessons you could teach with this type of trip. If your tween is an athlete, you might travel to a famous sports venue or go for a mountain hiking adventure. If your daughter wants to be a designer, consider a prestigious modeling show. These adventures can leave an impression for life and help children focus on their goals for later in life. However, the best part is you will be a hero for years to come.

There are many other ways to stay in touch with your tween daughter. The important thing is not the activity, but the process of staying connected and keeping the lines of communication open.

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